Family Review: Paw Patrol Driving Simulator from [email protected]

Review: Paw Patrol Driving Simulator from [email protected]


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Here is our review of the Paw Patrol Driving Simulator from [email protected]

Children will enjoy hours of fun without leaving the house with this innovative Paw Patrol driving simulator. The moving screen offers amazing entertainment, with an adjustable seat and additional lights and sounds for endless racing fun that your children will love.

What’s in the box?

The box contains all the parts to build the simulator, including some stickers and instructions.

A Closer Look

Final Thoughts

My son is a huge fan of Paw Patrol and so when we had the opportunity to review the Paw Patrol Driving Simulator from [email protected] we jumped at the chance.

The driving simulator is an officially licensed product and comes with Paw Patrol stickers to fit on the completed simulator.

There are a number of pieces in the box that need fitting together but it is very simple to put together and you should be up and running ready to drive in a few minutes. The only thing you might need to adjust is the seat position, but that’s easy.

The steering wheel is where all the action takes place, and it needs 3 AA batteries which are not included, so make sure you fit the batteries before you fit the steering wheel to the seat (it just easier that way).

When your little one is ready to drive, they just sit in the seat and turn the key to start the engine. There are lots of sounds that come out, including engine noises, horns, phones, sirens and more. The car in the centre of the screen moves upwards (well to be technical the screen moves downwards whilst the car stays in place) and by turning the steering wheel the car moves left and right.

Whilst this sounds fairly simple, it’s a lot of fun and actually reminded me of lots of games I used to play as a kid myself.

If your little one is a fan of Paw Patrol and loves driving games then this is the toy for you, and with Christmas coming up, it’s certainly one you should have on your Christmas list! It will keep them quiet for hours on end.

Paw Patrol are on a roll!

The Paw Patrol Driving Simulator from [email protected] is available now priced £79.99 and is aimed at ages 2 and up. You can learn more from their website and check out some of their other cool toys and gifts.

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