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Netatmo announces the availability of its Smart Alarm System with Camera


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Netatmo has announced the availability of its Smart Alarm System with Camera.

Featuring the Smart Indoor Camera, the Smart Indoor Siren and Smart Door and Window Sensors, the Netatmo Smart Alarm System with Camera is a complete home security solution.

The Netatmo Smart Indoor Camera alerts the user in real time with precise notifications. It uses facial recognition technology to distinguish between a stranger, a loved one and a harmless movement. When the camera detects an unknown face, the user is sent a real-time alert to their smartphone with a photo and video of the event.

Smart Door and Window Sensors pick up any movement or vibration, indicating that someone is trying to force user’s doors and windows open. The user thus instantly receives a precise notification on their smartphone such as “Movement detected at the kitchen window”.

Smart Door and Window Sensors also allow the user to check the status of their doors and windows by opening the app. Depending on the selected settings, the Sensors can also send an alert if a door or window has been open for an amount of time specified by the user.

The Smart Indoor Siren works with the Camera and the Smart Door and Window Sensors. It automatically triggers its deafening 110 dB alarm when the Smart Indoor Camera detects an intruder, or if specific Door and Window Sensors detect movement at a door or window.

The user receives a precise real-time notification on their smartphone, such as “Unknown person detected”, and video of the event filmed by the Camera.

The user can also trigger or deactivate the Siren in the Netatmo Security app.

The Smart Alarm System with Camera settings can be fully customised

The user can customise the Smart Alarm System with Camera settings in the Netatmo Security app and only receive relevant alerts. For example, the alarm can be set so that it sounds only if the user is not at home, depending on whether various criteria are met, such as if the Indoor Camera detects an unknown face or a movement, or if specific Door and Window Sensors detect movement at a door or window.

A range of pre-recorded sounds such as barking or a regular beep can also be activated from the app to simulate a presence and deter burglars.

To make things simpler, the Smart Alarm System with Video activates and deactivates automatically when the user leaves home or returns home. Thanks to the Smart Indoor Camera’s facial recognition technology, the system detects user’s presence in their home and turns itself off.

Lastly, the user can deactivate all alerts sent by the Door and Window Sensors when members of the family are at home. In this way, the user will not receive any unnecessary notifications if a loved one opens the windows to air the house.

No subscription required

All features of the Smart Alarm System with Camera are available free of charge. No subscription or additional costs are required to use the system or access its data.


The videos recorded by the Smart Indoor Camera are saved locally on an internal micro-SD card. They can also be automatically transferred and archived on the user’s Dropbox account or personal FTP server.

Fast, easy setup

The Netatmo Smart Alarm System with Camera is easy to set up. The user downloads the Netatmo Security app to their smartphone to connect the products. He puts the Camera and Siren in the entrance to their home and attaches the Door and Window Sensors to the doors and windows he wants to monitor. The user can install one Siren per Indoor Camera, and up to 12 Door and Window Sensors.

Availability and compatibility

The Smart Door and Window Sensors will be available for purchase from September 6th2019, and the Smart Indoor Siren from September 26th2019, on

The Smart Indoor Camera retails for £199,99, the Smart Indoor Siren for £69,99 and the pack of 3 Smart Door and Window Sensors for £89,99.

The Smart Indoor Siren and the Smart Door and Window Sensors are accessories of the Smart Indoor Camera and are not functional without it.

The Netatmo Security app is completely free and compatible with iPhones and iPads with iOS 10 or above and Android smartphones and tablets from 5.0.

The Netatmo Web app is available on Mac and PC.

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