FamilyReview: Harry Potter Magical Infinity Advent Calendar from [email protected]

Review: Harry Potter Magical Infinity Advent Calendar from [email protected]


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With Christmas on the horizon, you might want to consider taking a look at the Harry Potter Magical Infinity Advent Calendar from [email protected], here is our review.

Officially licensed Warner Bros Harry Potter Magical Infinity Advent Calandar, with 24 items inside. Discover the magic with this unique rotating box. From exclusive plush toys to one-of-a-kind charms, there’s something inside for every Harry Potter fan!

A Closer Look

Final Thoughts

Advent calendars are nothing new, there are ones with pictures inside when you open each day, or chocolate or toys. With the Harry Potter Magical Infinity Advent Calendar you get something rather special in an advent calendar. This particular one rotates revealing different boxes to open on the relevant days. You can keep rotating and rotating, each rotation reveals a separate section.

There are 24 individual boxes that contain different goodies to play with and use.

For the review we deliberately didn’t want to show off all the goodies within the boxes – after all, you will want some surprises!

One of the great things about the Harry Potter Magical Infinity Advent Calendar is that it is completely reusable each year – you can put your own goodies in each box and have fun with it year after year.

It’s a lot of fun rotating the sides around each day looking for the box to open. The quality of the box and the artwork is great, and is a must for any Harry Potter fan. We haven’t seen anything quite like it before, and we are looking forward to doing it all again in December.

The Harry Potter Magical Infinity Advent Calendar is available now from [email protected] priced £69.99 and is aimed at ages 3 and up, you can learn more from their website and check out some of their other cool toys and gifts.

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