FamilyReview: PJ Masks Superloop Set from Kids@Play

Review: PJ Masks Superloop Set from Kids@Play


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It’s time to be a hero with the PJ Masks Superloop Set from Kids@Play.

Compete in the fun PJ Masks Superloop Set. Six meters of slot circuit with small dimensions to facilitate the assembly and driving of the smallest home. The controls include a turbo button for a controlled increase in speed. This children’s track includes a spectacular looping, a bridge, chicane tracks, lap counter and  working headlights on cars for night driving.

What’s in the box?

The box contains all the pieces of the track, the cars, a manual and everything you need to get racing.

A Closer Look

Final Thoughts

A very VERY long time ago when I was a kid I had something similar to the PJ Masks Superloop called Race and Chase. There were two cars, one was a Police car and one was a robbers car, we can lots of fun playing with it. Well, my Dad spent hours putting it together and taking it apart after we had played with it, but I like to think he got something out of it too!

Now it’s my turn to spend time putting together the PJ Masks Superloop for my son to play with, and I have to say it really is fun putting it together with him excitedly waiting to play it. He is a huge fan of PJ Masks and he loves playing with car toys so this was a win win for me!

The track comes with about 6 meters worth of components to build up whatever you want, including bridges, chicanes and more.

There is room to race two cars on the track, and this comes with the Gecko Mobile and the Cat Car (yes, I have sat through a lot of PJ Masks). I was surprised, and a little disappointed that it didn’t come with Owlette, but then she has the Owl Glider so it wouldn’t really work on the track.

Racing the cars is a lot of fun, press down the button and the cars speed off. I hadn’t forgotten the tense moments when you didn’t know if the car was going to come speeding off the track at a corner, and those moment are still there. There is even a turbo button to increase the speed, if you dare! The cars headlights even light up making it fun to race in the dark.

The PJ Masks Superloop set from Kids@Play is huge amount of fun and brought back some really great memories for me as a kid, and the fact that my son can now experience something similar with something from one of his favourite TV shows is brilliant. If you have a child who loves PJ Masks and is into cars and racing games, then this is an absolute must have! Get it now and put it away for Christmas – or test it out a little just to make sure it works before you you give it to its new owner.

The PJ Masks Superloop is available now priced £49.99 (it’s on sale now for £29.99) from the Kids@Play website. There are other great toys on the site too, so check them out.

Andrew Edney
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