A PlayStation Alarm Clock you say – let’s take a closer look.

This arcade alarm clock is in the design of a PlayStation controller. It’s a great gift for gamers, or even just someone who longs for the trill of an authentic alarm clock rather than their iPhone’s ‘radar’. This isn’t all about style over substance, though. This gadget is USB powered, has a reverse LED screen with a backlight and makes classic beeping alarm sounds.

What’s in the box?

The box contains the clock, a manual and a USB cable.

A Closer Look

The first thing that drew me to the PlayStation Alarm Clock was that it look exactly like a PS4 Controller on a stand. Part of the controller has a backlit LED screen which shows the date and time on when connected to power via the USB cable.

Setting the date and time is simple – press and hold the X button and then use the D-Pad to set everything – simple.

To set the alarm you press down on the Circle button and do the same again with the D-Pad to set the alarm. Once set a little bell icon is displayed on the screen.

When the alarm goes off you can choose to turn it off or snooze and get some more sleep – the choice is yours.

If you are in the market for a cool alarm clock, then look no further than this! This is a must for any PlayStation fan.

The PlayStation Alarm Clock from Firebox is available now priced £24.99.