With the recent release of Toy Story 4 at the cinema, we take a look at the Toy Story Hamm Piggy Bank from Firebox.

Hamm’s existence provokes many a question about the rules of the Toy Story universe. You see, while it would not stop a child playing with it, a piggy bank is not a toy. Children also play with cardboard boxes, umbrellas, scarves, staple guns – anything they can get their hands on.

This Hamm piggy bank is an adorable tribute to Toy Story’s most underrated character.

Hamm looks exactly like he does in the films, and is a decent weight but not too heavy. This means you can sit him somewhere and not worry that he will get knocked and broken.

The underside of Hamm has the stopper which can easily be removed in order to get at the money you have placed in him.

If you, or someone you love is a fan of Toy Story and you need a money box, then the Toy Story Hamm Piggy Bank is a definite edition to any household – it might even save you money (see what we did there)?

The Toy Story Hamm Piggy Bank from Firebox is available now priced £19.99.