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Honor UK announces Easter sale for the View 20, 8X, 10 and 10 Lite


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Honor UK has today announced Easter sale pricing for the View 20, 8X, 10 and 10 Lite.

HONOR View20 (128GB)

RRP: £499.99

Promotion:  £449.99 (valid until 30/04/19)


A new dimension of design

The HONOR View20 is HONOR’s latest flagship device, complete with a host of world-first features, including the first-ever 48MP smartphone rear camera and an advanced 25MP in-screen front camera, allowing you to take the highest quality photos on your phone. The View20 is as aesthetic as it is functional, with a stunning aurora nanotexture design creating a vivid V-shape colour gradient effect on the rear of the smartphone. Catering for people always on the move, the HONOR View20 also offers a premium mobile gaming experience, with the highest average frame rate (60 fps) and the lowest jitter rate compared to its competitors when playing action-packed games such as Fortnite on the go. This device is the perfect pick for those in the market for the best technology features at an affordable price. The HONOR View20 is available in Midnight Black or Sapphire Blue.

The HONOR View20 is available to purchase at this lower price from CPW, Argos, Amazon, Very, John Lewis and AO

For the cost conscious…

HONOR 10 Lite

RRP: £199.99

Promotion:  £179.99 (valid until 30/04/19)

Affordable quality

The HONOR 10 Lite is a stylish selfie smartphone at an unbeatable price point. Complete with an AI-powered 24MP front camera and a slim dewdrop notch, the HONOR 10 Lite caters for those wishing to capture life’s best moments instantly. Not only does the front camera deliver high-resolution shots, it can also recognise eight real-time scenarios and identify different environments instantly, adapting its settings to cater to your changing needs.  Also sporting a shimmering colour gradient back, the HONOR 10 Lite is as stylish as it is affordable. The HONOR 10 Lite is available in Midnight Black, Sapphire Blue or Sky Blue.

The HONOR 10 Lite is available to purchase at this lower price from CPW, Argos, Amazon, Very, John Lewis and AO

For the photography enthusiast…



Promotion: £199.99 (valid until 30/04/19)

Crystal-clear definition

The HONOR 8X offers the perfect marriage of style and substance. Featuring a 24 + 2MP dual-lens AI camera and a 6.5-inch full HD screen delivering 1080p resolution, the 8X offers the full visual experience for any budding creative. Featuring the Kirin 710 processor, the 8X is packed full of processing power, allowing for a simultaneous multi-media experience delivered straight to your smartphone. Whether you’re a seasoned photography expert or the designated family photo-taker, the 8X allows for the perfect shot, regardless of setting or ability. Now at its lowest-ever price, the 8X is the perfect device to ensure you can capture all your favourite moments. The HONOR 8X is available in Midnight Black or Blue.

The HONOR 8X is available to purchase at this lower price from CPW, Argos, Amazon, Very, John Lewis and AO

For the fashionista…



Promotion: £279.99 (valid until 30/04/19)

The HONOR 10 has remained a firm favourite since its launch in Europe last year. The device features an AI-enhanced 24+16MP dual camera, pairing high-resolution photography with fast processing capability. Not only does the high-performing camera make the HONOR 10 the perfect selfie companion, the phone sports 15 layers of shimmering coloured glass on its back, creating a sleek gradient effect that makes the device a worthy accessory for any fashionista. The HONOR 10 is available in Phantom Green, Glacier Grey or Phantom Blue.

The HONOR 10 is available to purchase at this lower price from CPW, Argos, Amazon, Very, John Lewis and AO

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