Danish audio brand, Libratone, has a great offer on their portable TOO speakers and Q-ADAPT on-ear headphones.

Available from Amazon throughout September, the TOO speaker is priced at £89 (saving you £40) and the Q-ADAPT on-ear headphones are priced at £129 (saving you £90).


Available to buy on Amazon for £89 (down from £129)

Don’t let its size fool you, the TOO Bluetooth speaker will fill any room with big, rich, authentic sound.

This is a wireless speaker made for adventure. You can take it with you wherever you go, indoors or out, and never compromise on sound quality with its 360 FullRoom technology.

The TOO comes ready for action, with 12+ hours of battery time, splash proof design and slim, yet sturdy, frame, meaning it can keep going long after the party stops.

The Libratone TOO speaker is available in four bold colours: Caribbean Green, Cerise Pink, Cloudy Grey and Graphite Grey.


Available to buy on Amazon for £129 (down from £219).

The Q-ADAPT on-ear headphones are all about listener experience, featuring rich, powerful sound, adjustable noise cancellation, and intuitive touch controls.

These lightweight headphones have a modern Scandinavian design, meaning you don’t need to compromise on style to enjoy a great-quality music experience.  The Q-ADAPT also lets you choose how much of the world you let in, or keep out, with its four-step adjustable noise cancellation.

Listen to your favourite music undisturbed, wherever you are, with the headphones’ impressive 20-hour battery time, and you can also connect to a friends’ set so music can be enjoyed as it was intended – together.

These stylish headphones come in three classic colours to suit every style – Stormy Black, Cloudy White, or Elegant Nude.

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