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ZAP THE LOVE – The Unofficial Augmented Reality Powered Royal Wedding Merchv


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Iconic fashion designer Philip Normal and artist collaborator Jock Mooney have come together to create one of their famed designs, supercharged by Zappar’s augmented reality tech. In celebration of the 2018 Royal Wedding, the AR-powered t-shirt will let anyone marry a royal!

T-shirts went on sale for £22.95 this Monday just gone (14th May) on The t-shirt has a small zapcode embedded in the design, which once scanned with the free-to-download Zappar app, enables wearers to choose to either ‘Marry Harry’ or ‘Marry Meghan’. Once in the experience, users can pose for a selfie using the front-facing camera on their smartphone or tablet, placing them within the artwork next to their chosen royal spouse.

#royalwedding will be used across Twitter and Instagram by our augmented reality married couples to share their moment from the app.  As part of the AR experience, wearers will also be able to place their selfie onto a piece of royal memorabilia.

There will also be the chance to donate to the designer’s charity of choice; The Albert Kennedy Trust – a LGBT youth homeless charity. The charity was chosen as a legacy link to reflect the charitable community work Princess Diana was so well known for.

Philip Normal, designer and influencer, said:

“My brand is known for my subversive, reactionary creative work, but working alongside artist Jock Mooney and Zappar for this 2018 limited edition t-shirt, we’ve managed to add an extra level, by adding a playful AR technology element to the design by Zappar. We want to redefine what the t-shirt means, what it can do, and how we respond to them.”

Tim Sigsworth MBE, Chief Executive at The Albert Kennedy Trust, said:

“Here at the Albert Kennedy Trust, we are very pleased to have been chosen as the beneficiary for this collaboration. As the national LGBT youth homeless charity, we are always looking to raise awareness and drive donations to support the work we do to provide safe homes and support to young people who face homelessness just for being brave enough to come out to their families. This limited edition t-shirt provides a new solution through retail and augmented reality and we’re excited to be a part of it at the same time as we launch our No Room For Hate Campaign for the summer.”

Max Dawes, Partnerships & Marketing Director at Zappar, said:

“We’ve really enjoyed bringing together our creativity and passion for AR with Philip and Jock who are two incredibly creative minds. We think that these limited-edition t-shirts are a great example of how illustrative design and AR can work hand-in-hand to bring to life physical objects using our AR content creation tool, ZapWorks.”

Zappar’s recent report with global media agency, Mindshare, Layered which studies consumer’s attitudes towards AR, found that 55% of consumers have a preference for objects that hold additional information when connected to a mobile device, rising to 74% amongst those who have already experienced AR.

You can download the free app here Google Play or App Store

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