NewsAC Worldwide announced pre-orders of the Terminator T-800 speaker...

AC Worldwide announced pre-orders of the Terminator T-800 speaker with Alexa


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Early this year AC Worldwide (August 2017) via a Kickstarter campaign announced the original T-800 speaker, now its back with a little change.

The Terminator T-800 speaker is now up for pre-order commitments for the Terminator T-800 speaker.

The T-800 model from AC Worldwide will be designed with attention to detail and clarity. Our T-800 will be Wifi enabled and it will connect to your chosen device for all your audio needs as soon as your phone links to your home/office Broadband.

In addition, the T-800 will have built-in Amazon Alexa for voice control and connection to smart home devices, so you can even use your T-800 in exactly the same way you would use any Alexa product, ask to play your favourite music, remind you of events coming up or even to control your home lighting or heating.(3rd party device required).

The cost of the T-800 Wifi speaker with built-in Amazon Alex will be $399, but we don’t need any money from you right now – just your commitment to buy and own this menacingly beautiful piece of movie memorabilia. The first 50% of the cost will then be required in January when the pre-orders close.

As an added incentive there’s a chance that you’ll actually own the first ever unit because every one that pre-orders will be entered into a draw and the winner of that draw will be the owner of serial Number 1 when he/she receives their delivery.

However none of this will be possible, and no money will be taken if we don’t secure a minimum of 500 pre-orders.

Simply send an email to with the Subject Line: T-800 Terminator Speaker Pre-Order stating your name, address, contact number and email.

ACWorldwide will then contact you early January with regards to the initial payment.

But if you would like something truly spectacular, the exclusive serial numbers 101 and 800 will be available for $800/£600 – just mention it in your email if interested.

Chris Hare
Chris Hare
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