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Honor shows off new new Colour ‘Robin Egg Blue’ for Honor 9


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Today at IFA 2017 in Berlin (Germany), Honor unveiled its latest colour for the recently released flagship Honor 9 – Robin Egg Blue. This new colour option pushes the aesthetic boundary of Honor 9 to new heights, building on the previously debuted Glacier Grey. Honor also showcased its industry-leading products, which combine the best in class in terms of aesthetics, functionality, and innovation, namely Honor 9, Honor 8 Pro, and Honor Magic.

The Colour of Individuality and Liveliness – Robin Egg Blue for Honor 9
Honor’s product innovation extends far beyond the technology and performance of its smartphones. Its leadership in design and aesthetic philosophy is constantly taking the smartphone industry to the next level.


According to Pantone Color Institute, “when 80% of human experience is filtered through the eyes, we understand that the choice of color is critical.” Committed to offering the greatest mobile phone experience to the young generation, Honor is excited to introduce a brand-new color – Robin Egg Blue – to our global fans and users.

As if reflecting its uniqueness in nature, the colour scheme of a robin’s egg has seldom been spotted in smartphone design before. The one-of-a-kind Robin Egg Blue blends well into Honor’s brand spirit and design philosophy. At Honor, we anticipate trends and hence develop cutting-edge products. We also encourage the young to be brave and express themselves, to experiment in life and to play with more possibilities – and to that end we create devices that stand out and help you express your fierce individuality.

A mixture of cool and warm color tones, Robin Egg Blue is also a candy color which embodies liveliness, energy, and youthfulness. A labor of love, the color was custom concocted in a process that took sophisticated toning iterations. Revealed in the Honor 9’s gorgeous 15 layer 3D glass back, it is chic, edgy, and a perfect fit for any young person’s lifestyle.

The Robin Egg Blue Honor 9 is a limited edition special; the pre-sale started in China on 16th August  and it will first be available in UK mid-September retailing at £459.99

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