The Smart Platinum 7 has Gorilla Glass 2.5D, with sleek chamfered edges, wrapped around the outside of the handset. With a deep black colour looks absolutely stunning, but it’s an absolute fingerprint magnet.


The black colour doesn’t do well to hide that fact. But apart from that, the Vodafone Smart Platinum 7 looks stunning from the start.

main 16mp camera and finger printer sensor

There is a finger print sensor on the back of the device just under the camera, this is great for fast unlocking.

the Smart Platinum 7 comes with quick charger, micro USB lead and a headset missing from the review unit

There are no protruding buttons on the front of the phone. The only buttons that stick out is the power/lock and volume up and down switch on the side of the phone.

power/lock and Volume up/down switch

These side buttons are covered in a mesh-like pattern so your finger doesn’t slide when trying to press them.

On the top left side you will find a button used as a shutter button for your camera. Double press the button on any app or screen and it will automatically open the camera app.


microsd /microsim slot

On the left you will also find a port for your microsim and microSD card for expandable memory, which is a negative found in most handsets on the market at the moment.



It’s nice to see that Vodafone has listened to complaints from the past and included this feature in their phone.

Key Features

  • 5.5-inch (1440p), QHD AMOLED screen
  • Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow
  • 32 Gb rom
  • Octa-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 652
  • 3GB RAM
  • 16MP rear and 8MP front camera setup
  • Non-removable Li-ion 3,000mAh battery

The display boats a resolution of 2560×1440 with a 534 PPI density. They’re using a QuadHD technology which means colours pop and text is super sharp to read. If you’re a video buff then this is definitely one of the best handsets at this price point on the market. Even HD video through YouTube looked surprisingly sharp, even after the compression that YouTube puts on top of their uploads. Inside is a Qualcomm Snapdragon 652 running with eight cores at 1.8 GHz. Graphics processing is put on the shoulders of an Adreno 510 chip.


If you are thinking of lowlight photography its not the best at, this is probably due to the slower shutter speed the Vodafone Smart Platinum 7 decides to use combined with the higher ISO levels.


Close up on my Gingerbread Latter by the way it was lovely

img_20161117_085704 img_20161123_101007 img_20161123_101347 img_20161123_101352

The font-facing 8 megapixel on the Smart Platinum 7 will work well enough for a sharp Instagram selfie.

A nice feature is the 4K video ability. Colours pop and are balanced really well and quality is generally there most of the time. Videos look smooth and the built-in image stabilisation worked well enough for someone who wants to pull out their phone and start shooting. Timelapse and slow-motion settings are also fun to play around with, especially at higher resolutions.


The sound on the Platinum 7 is very good with two front facing speakers, yes two front facing ones.


The Vodafone Smart Platinum 7 can easily last a day of moderate use with a little juice left for the morning. Having the Qualcomm processor means the Smart Platinum 7 can take advantage of a quick-charge technology (Quick Charge 3.0). The phone managed to get from 0-50% within 30 minutes and to full charge it took around an hour and a half.

Vodafone has done a pretty good job on this smartphone, just the low light camera lets it down a little. With the phone retailing at around £295, or £24 on a Vodafone contract, people who don’t want to spend the earth on a new mobile this is a handset I would look into. It handled all the apps we threw at it very well, It’s fast enough for the most common needs out of a mobile phone. it also have a few Vodafone apps installed on the phone.