Tech Android Review: Hive Active Lighting System (A British Gas Innovation)

Review: Hive Active Lighting System (A British Gas Innovation)


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Here is the review of the Active Light from Hive (A British Gas Innovation) which can replace existing bulbs with screw or bayonet fixtures, giving you control from the Hive app via your smartphone (iOS, Android, Windows) tablet or laptop. Once connected, you’ll be able to simply turn the lights on or off, set dimming levels and set schedules.

Here is the Hive Hub that controls all the lighting, central heating and more

So now you can have a smart home easy as 1,2,3.


Hive Hub (£80) to connect to your router at home to complete the setup, bit if you buy any three Hive products you can the Hive Hub for £40 so half price.

It will also work with Hive’s existing smart home devices including Active Heating, Active Plug and the recently introduced motion sensors.

Hive Hub can control you Hive Active Heating, Motion Sensors, Window or Door Sensors and Active Plug as well as the Active Light (screw/bayonet), all of the lights are dimmable.

For this review I’ll be reviewing the Hive Active Light Starter Pack, as Heating and lighting are the most popular smart home additions and having this all controlled by a single app, moves Hive into the position of being a major player in connected homes in the UK and now works with Amazon Echo/ Echo Dot (Alexa) so now you can control your house with just your voice.

Plug the network cable into your router and main power.

Also make sure you have download and made an account on app and logged in already.



At one of the stages it will ask you for the hub pin number which is at the bottom on the Hive Hub itself.


Now onto replacing the light blubs that you want the Hive Hub to control, make sure the light switch is turn off before you change them.

After you have change your lights, turn on the lights from the light switch, now go and see the green light on the Hive Hub, tap the add device button on the Hive app to add the light.


Just replace one light at a time, its make it easier for you and rename the light to what ever room name you like.

Watch the video from Hive about installing the Hive Active Lights


As you can see here you can here


This is showing off the light in my Front room at 100% brightness, you can dial the light down.


you can schedule any light to go on and off when you like, Front room light on at 6am, then off at 7.30am when you just gone to work and on again just before you come home.

The whole installation off the Hive Active light system took longer to unbox the device then installing it.


If you looking for an easy way to start having a smart home, just one thing I like Hive to add in the future, is that your schedule times could be in minutes not in fifteen minutes section( this can be easily done with an app update).

Hopefully in the future Hive can make the lighting technology into more modern lighting GU10, LED lights.


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