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Review: Razer Kraken Pro Headset


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I’m a bit of a geek when it comes to sound. It’s a tragically expensive habit to be stuck in the middle of too with speakers and amplifiers quickly reaching hundreds if not thousands of pounds. Fortunately there’s what I consider a bit of a cheat that helps immensely when trying to achieve quality audio on a budget; headphones. There’s also no better place to try and find a quality headset than for gaming with a huge amount on offer at practically any price range.

I’m already a headphone convert given the quality comparisons to full sound systems there is no comparison for price. I already use a headset quite regularly including an optical lead, amplifier and a whole collection of cables. It sounds nice but sometimes you just want a headset with a 3.5mm jack that you can simply plug in and go. So I decided there was no better place to start for a gaming headset than the legendary Razer Kraken Pro.

There are a couple of first impressions that you can’t really escape with the Krakens the most obvious of which is the colour. Although you can buy them in a multitude of colours I went for the classic green which you can’t help but notice. They’re bold and brave but still look cool. I love the garish style and I was pleased with the quality feel when I first got my hands on them. The intentional flexibility in the cups and on the headband is rare in headphones at this level.

The lasting memories I had of the Krakens from conventions and anytime I had used them before was definitely the comfort. Having used larger more rigid headsets before the Krakens are a total breath of fresh air. They sit very nicely on your head and I’ve had a lot of people try them on for size and everyone seems to find them comfortable. The cups can move freely in their housing which really allows them to lay nicely over your ears. The circular cups cover my ears completely and block out almost all sound without folding my ears in or crushing them at all. I’ve had people breaking my door down as I sit there in total ignorance listening to music or playing a game. The Krakens are excellent at blocking out external sound.

You can easily wear the Krakens for extended periods in total comfort. I never get the sense they’ve been clamping down on my head or around my ears and I’ve never had to take them off for comfort reasons. Comfort means a lot when it comes to headphones and some of the most expensive sets can forget this. Even if you get the sound right it’s no use when you can’t stand wearing the set. Gaming sets tend to be more aware of the length of time they might be worn in a single sitting and the Krakens are probably the most comfortable I’ve ever worn. Some Turtle Beach sets are as comfortable as the Krakens but the Krakens can definitely go toe to toe with some of the best.



Sound quality is a bit of a mixed bag. Even more than with most headsets and sound systems what you feed them determines what they put out. Games are first on the agenda and the balance of bass, mid and treble are definitely keyed into this which sometimes means the balance is off for certain music or other audio. The punch of bass means that explosions and gunfire have a nice power behind them, especially considering the Krakens don’t have external power. Depending on the game, the bass can make for a slightly clumsy mid range but on the whole it’s just what you need.

Music is a tricky one to get right and there aren’t many headsets I’ve tried that can perform well with all types of music. The powerful soundtrack from Man of Steel stays clear and sounds full and rich while other tracks start to lose clarity for the high frequencies which can sound overly sharp and tinny. It depends hugely on what you listen to but bass remains refined and undeniably precise even though it can muscle in a little too much when you start to experience hissy treble.

If I pair the Krakens up with my Sound Blaster on my PC it’s incredible how capable this headset can be. With a decent sound card and a good equalizer the sound the Krakens can produce is absolutely phenomenal. Their ability to handle bass really comes into it’s own when you give them the right feed and even at high volume stay nice and crisp at the top end with some ear thumping, rumbling low notes. Listening to anything orchestral on my PC is a complete joy with the Krakens.



The Krakens are an amazingly comfortable headset that are very mindful of the fact they were meant for playing games. The attention to detail at the low frequencies really excels when playing games. The high end can take a bit of a backseat at times, especially with music, but considering their price there really isn’t much better quality to compare the Krakens with. But their party trick is letting you wear them for hours on end with absolutely no problems. You really can forget they’re on and just immerse yourself in whatever you’re listening too. The Razer Kraken Pro headset performs far better than I expected and at this price there are few better.


+ Class leading comfort
+ Excellent base response
+ Convenient retractile microphone
+ Solid build quality
- Can lose some quality in high frequencies, especially for music
Phill has been the director of a small IT repair business since 2011 which he runs alongside studying for his degree in Information and Communication Technologies at the Open University. Video games are his real passion and they take up more of his time than he'd like to admit.

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Review: Razer Kraken Pro Headset+ Class leading comfort <br /> + Excellent base response <br /> + Convenient retractile microphone <br /> + Solid build quality <br /> - Can lose some quality in high frequencies, especially for music