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Review: Mad Catz L.Y.N.X. 9 Controller


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Back in January at CES, Mad Catz announced the L.Y.N.X. 9 Mobile Hybrid Controller, a radically different gamepad designed to offer uncompromised control and portability – and here is our review.

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The L.Y.N.X. 9 design uniquely enables the controller to be assembled in a variety of different configurations to fit the gamers’ chosen device.  Consisting of three primary components (Left Wing, Right Wing and Controller ‘Brain’), the L.Y.N.X. 9 can break apart and attach to the included tablet stand, transforming a tablet of up to seven inches into a portable games console!  Configure as a standard controller and enjoy living room gaming on a compatible set-top box or PC or attach the mobile clip and dock your smart phone for console quality gaming on the go.

What’s in the box?

As usual, Mad Catz have boxed their device very well. The box contains the LYNX 9, inner handles, a phone clip, a tablet frame, a keyboard and a travel pouch.

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Mad Catz have produced an unboxing video:

A Closer Look

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The keyboard fits perfectly and is very easy and comfortable to use.

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Using with a Phone

To use with your Android phone, you just screw on the phone clip to the drop of the LYNX.

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Then you just slide your phone into the clip which holds it nice and snug.

CDW Review - Mad Catz LYNX 9 - 49

Don’t forget to download the LYNX 9 app from the Google store.

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Using with a Tablet

If you want to use your Android tablet with the LYNX you have to take it apart first. You press the button on the centre of the LYNX and pull away the left and right sections.

CDW Review - Mad Catz LYNX 9 - 51

This will leave you with the LYNX in three separate parts.

CDW Review - Mad Catz LYNX 9 - 52

You then take the tablet frame and you slot each of the parts into the frame as below.

CDW Review - Mad Catz LYNX 9 - 56

This basically makes the LYNX significantly bigger and ready for use with your tablet.

CDW Review - Mad Catz LYNX 9 - 54CDW Review - Mad Catz LYNX 9 - 55MCB32267_LYNX9_005_lg

Final Thoughts

The first thing you notice when you open the box is that there are a few different pieces that go along with the controller. These are used for different things, such as when you want to use the LYNX with a phone or a tablet, or if you want to use the keyboard or even add some inner handles for a better grip. You even get a carry bag to keep the LYNX clean and all the pieces together when you are not using it (with the exception of the tablet frame as its a little too big to fit in the bag).

Setting up the LYNX for either phone or tablet use is very easy and only takes a few moments.

You don’t have to use either the phone clip or the tablet frame if you don’t want to – the choice is entirely yours. Personally I found it easier to use with them rather than without them.

One of the biggest advantages to using the LYNX is that you no longer have to use on-screen controls, so you can see more of the game on the screen, and it is easier to control.

You also get a keyboard in the box and using this for various tasks, including updating Facebook is simple, it’s not just for games!

There is a free Android app that you can use to make custom adjustments to the LYNX, for example adjusting the sensitivity of the sticks. It also provides hints and tips and various videos to help you with whatever you are trying to do.

The LYNX is powered by a rechargable battery that is charged via USB with a single charge lasting around 20 hours, so that’s a lot of gameplay!

And there’s also a built-in mic that you can use to control Google voice search or to answer phone calls.

You can also use the LYNX with Windows by pairing it using Bluetooth to a Windows tablet or other device (as long as it’s a Windows 7 and above device). It’s all very quick and easy to do and you will be up and running in no time. This is also the same for connecting to Android. And all the instructions you need for pairing to a device are printed in the box.

The LYNX looks like a Transformer, and I guess that’s exactly what it is! It can transform to fit different devices and is very easy to use.

I found the LYNX to be very comfortable to use, even for extended periods of time, an in the different configurations. I didn’t need to adjust the sensitivity on the sticks, they were fine for me, but I was also happy that I had the ability to do so if I wanted, and I can bet there will be people out there who will adjust them.

So, you are probably wondering just how much this little beauty is going to set you back? Well, if you are sitting down, the cost is £249. Yes, you read that correctly, £249! It’s entirely possible that the LYNX 9 will cost you more than the tablet you are using it with. That said, this is a lovely controller, and if you are into gaming on a mobile device then the LYNX 9 is THE controller for you.


You can learn more about the LYNX 9 from the Mad Catz website.

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