Just in time for Christmas, WWE2K16 has released its first superstar content pack for the game. The ‘Legends Pack’ features six of the most iconic wrestlers in WWE history. Free as part of the WWE2K16 season pass or £7.39 for the pack itself, as a life long WWE fan who remembers each of the featured Superstars fondly, I was eager to see how well they have been recreated for the game:

WWE2K16 already has a tremendous amount of legendary WWE Superstars in its roster, and the ‘Legends Pack’ adds even more quality and serves as a tribute to Superstars who are sadly no longer with us such as the sad passing of both Dusty ‘The American Dream’ Rhodes and Rowdy Roddy Piper just this year.

The selection of the Superstars for this pack really makes it rather special for me as it features not only my favourite wrestler growing up in Mr Perfect, but the opportunity to pay homage to Roddy Piper and Dusty Rhodes. The pack containing two iconic women of the WWE before the division was called Divas, with the addition of Trish Stratus and arguably the greatest female champion in Lita.

Each superstar has been faithfully recreated in the ring with player models never looking as good as they do now in WWE2K16. From their famous signatures moves and finishers right down to their grapples and running attacks. The attention to detail really shows the hard work the team has put into this content. From Lita’s moonsault to Mr Perfect’s standing drop kick, as a fan it is very noticeable to see the extra touches as well. Not many may notice but just seeing Mr Perfect step forward before the Perfect Plex was a great little detail.


As well as their moves in the ring, the majority of the pack have had their entrances recreated and are a real joy to relive. Sadly and no doubt to licensing issues, not all have had their theme music used such as the Big Boss Man not having his original theme song despite using his prison officer attire and Roddy Piper has a different track of bag pipes instead of the famous ‘Green Hills of Tyrol’ he always used. It is really the only let-down to this content.

I really enjoyed having these Superstars added to my WWE2K16 universe and roster and look forward to putting against their other legendary rivals in the roster as well as the modern generation of WWE Superstars. To really appreciate the content you do really need to know who these Superstars are and their impact on the WWE in their day, but as part of the Season Pass, this content is a great addition to the game’s already impressive roster.