Gaming"BIOS" from the team members of Far Cry 2

“BIOS” from the team members of Far Cry 2


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The new game company called “PIXYUL”, which are former core team members of Far Cry 2 team launching has announced there first game today on Steam Early Access called BIOS.




What makes BIOS different?
At its core, BIOS is unique. The way it uses the core concept of a crossover between a Racing Game and an FPS make it a Racing First Person Shooter (RFPS)


What is BIOS ?
BIOS comes from the acronym Basic Input Output System. BIOS offers the fantasy of racing in a First Person
Shooter. The player needs to complete the different simulated hostile environments the fastest way possible. BIOS is a First Person Shooter with a twist, we call it a Racing First Person Shooter (RFPS). BIOS is now available on PC via STEAM’s Early Access. The Early Access of BIOS includes a total of 7 environments and 21 map challenges. BIOS is a fast paced, high octane asynchronous competitive game. Your goal is simple, make it to the end alive the fastest way possible. To achieve better times, the player will develop new strategies and refine their skills. We strongly believe that we are bringing something new into the FPS landscape.


What’s the gameplay and what are the game’s pillars?

The player needs to complete the different simulated levels the fastest way possible. The game’s core concept revolves around 2 main game pillars: Racing & Shooting. All gameplay features, level design, art direction, etc.. are created to support these pillars. We strongly believe that BIOS offers a unique FPS experience. The game takes its roots from the early days of fast paced FPS and racing games.


What’s the narrative behind BIOS… what’s the story?

Please note that the game is in an early access stage and that more narrative elements & content will be added with the development of the final game. The Game BIOS takes place inside a training simulator called the VRFS Software. The VRFS Software system is still in development and is being tested by multiple organizations throughout the world.

How is the full version planned to differ from the Early Access version?

The full version will have the entire feature set including more maps and environments, more weapons, more accessories, and more enemies. It will also feature a robust player experience including complete player progression and rewards.


What is the current state of the Early Access version?

BIOS is a Racing First Person Shooter, and the game’s main gameplay pillars are Racing and Shooting. Everything we develop needs to support this premise. The Early Access version includes: an assault rifle (more weapons are in development), 7 distinctive environments, 21 map challenges , and 4 types of enemies (turrets and rusher A.I.). Game development is an ongoing process; lots can happen but note that we take great pride in releasing stable versions so the game runs smoothly with the recommended settings and looks awesome!

The game is only available on PC at release. With a possibility of making the game available on consoles (PS4 & Xbox One), as well as MAC & Linux versions.

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