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Review: Wikipad 7 Gaming Tablet


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If you enjoy gaming on a tablet then you probably that sometimes it’s not that easy without a controller – and that’s where the Wikipad 7 Gaming Tablet comes in, and here is our review.

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What’s in the Box?

The box is well packaged and contains the tablet, the controller, a quick start guide, USB cable and a power adaptor.

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A Closer Look

The controller is quite large and bulky, and has a slot for the Wikipad. There are thumbsticks, triggers and buttons in all the places you would expect them to be.

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The Wikipad tablet itself is both small, thin and lightweight. All the main buttons are on the top of the tablet so that they are accessible when the tablet is slotted into the controller. There is a micro SD card slot to expand the storage capabilities, along with a micro-HMDI port for connecting to a TV or monitor. There is also a 2 megapixel camera on the front of the tablet.

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Using the Wikipad

You can use the Wikipad like any other tablet, but the difference here is the controller. You slot the Wikipad into the controller enabling you to play games more easily.

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Final Thoughts

The Wikipad 7 isn’t a new release, in fact it has been available now since 2013, but there have recently been seem serious drops in price which makes it worth taking a look at.

The processor is the NVIDIA Tegra 3, so it’s not the latest and greatest (again, its been out a while) but with 12 cores it’s by no means a slouch either!

The screen gives a very clear image, although it’s not full 1080p, and it might take you a little while to get used the screen dimensions, but when using it in normal tablet mode it gives you that little bit extra screen for icons and applications.

Connectivity to a large screen TV or monitor it easy using a mini-HDMI cable, although there isn’t one in the box, but then given the new price for the Wikipad you can’t really complain.

As we mentioned earlier all the buttons on the Wikipad itself are on the top of the screen which makes it a lot easier when using the controller, which brings us nicely onto the controller. It’s rather big and hefty, and looks a little plasticy, but it does get the job done and it certainly makes it easier to play certain games than without it. I can imagine though that a few people might not take it outside the house given it’s size. The Wikipad also comes with a number of games preinstalled, and you can of course visit Google Play and buy or download more. Just be warned that there are some games out there that wont run very well due to the hardware requirements, and there are some games that are not compatible with the controller, so make sure you check before you buy. There is a button mapper app included on the Wikipad to help you map controls for other games, but this can be a little fiddly to get working, but it does work!

The battery life was pretty good – not the best on the market today, but then again remember it’s age and new price. That said you should be able to get some good gameplay times out of it.

Increasing the storage is simply a case of popping in a micro SD card, and you play a lot of games you might want to consider that.

So all in all, if you looking for a low priced gaming tablet that you really should take a look at the Wikipad 7.

Available now for £59.99 from Ebuyer.


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