Gaming Lords of the Fallen Screenshots and Concept Art

Lords of the Fallen Screenshots and Concept Art


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Lords of the Fallen is an upcoming fantasy action RPG co-developed by CI Games and Deck 13 under the direction of Executive Producer Tomasz Gop, who previously worked on The Witcher 1 & 2.

In Lords of the Fallen, humanity has decided to overthrow an evil god that was ruling the world, and in doing so decided to eradicate all evil in the world. In the process of banishing all evil, humanity has created a codex of sin. Anyone who commits a sin has their face branded, and they are kicked from society. With a new rise of demonic activity, humanity must find those who have committed the biggest sins, and get them to take the demons down.

Have a look at the Screenshots and Concept Art, that’s out later this year for Xbox One, Ps4 and PC.

Lords_of_the_Fallen_spider_concept_1402415271 Lords_of_the_Fallen_infested_concept_1402415268 Lords_of_the_Fallen_catacombs_entrance_concept_1402415262 Lords_of_the_Fallen_chamber_concept02_1402415265 Lords_of_the_Fallen_chamber_concept01_1402415263 Lords_of_the_Fallen_om_infested_fight_1402415296 Lords_of_the_Fallen_champion_clash_1402415295 Lords_of_the_Fallen_catacombs_dogs_1402415294 Lords_of_the_Fallen_cat_explore_1402415293 Lords_of_the_Fallen_cat_corridor_1402415292 Lords_of_the_Fallen_om_infested_1402415295


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