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Preview: Metro Redux


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Metro Redux - Preview 1

Any fans of the Metro games can throw their hands into the air and praise the fact both titles are coming to the Xbox One and PS4 too, as well as PC. At a recent Koch Media event we got our hands on with the Redux range of the games, which I must say, looks visually amazing and that’s just the surface. For anyone that doesn’t know what these Metro games I speak of then you’re probably missing out on a great immersive survival series, but not to fear as now you can enjoy this second wave.

Why Redux?

Well why else wouldn’t you want to play a couple of classic and unique survival games on the new consoles? Both games are remastered which we saw during the presentation showing the original side-by-side with the Redux. New textures and skins for the world and inhabitants look absolutely stunning. And 2010’s Metro 2033, the first outing, compared to its Redux is a fine example to see the transformation between old and new.

Metro Redux - Preview 2

The Differences

So aside from Metro 2033 and Last Light looking visually improved they both have game modes crossed over, so the Survival mode from 2033 and Spartan mode from Last Light is available across both titles. This means that anyone that fancies a new challenge and have previously completed one or both games originally can now have another reason to play through the games again differently.

After playing a selection of levels from Metro 2033 Redux I must admit that the gameplay was dramatically improved from when I played through several years ago. Everything handles a lot better and with the added watch from Last Light I felt that I was more in control, everything felt refined and it didn’t feel like it was just a stereotypical HD remake. The AI themselves have gone through a complete overhaul with improvements in every way imaginable. Their look is more detailed, the enemies up close can be seen with noticeable scales and hair and the humans aren’t dull and generic looking as they once were. With the Metro Last Light Redux you’re getting last year’s game bumped up to next gen but most importantly you’re receiving the complete edition with all of the DLC in one handy package. With the additional game mode too Last Light and 2033’s Redux is the ultimate bundle which looks and plays fantastic on the new consoles.

Metro Redux - Preview 3


There really aren’t any excuses now to say you’ve missed the opportunity to get on board the Metro train, excuse the pun. Deep Silver have simply outdone themselves with tailoring both games for the current competitive market. We were told that this hasn’t sidetracked from any sequel in the works so it seems we’re in for a treat in the future and the Redux will keep us happy until then. Both games haven’t lost any features or levels but have added to both of these. When you arrive at goals in a mission the game would usually end that section. Now there’s a lot more exploration to be done and the size of the playing field has been expanded, can’t really argue that you’re not getting your money’s worth.

For the PC the game will cost €19.99/£15.99 and if you had picked up the game cheap or free through various deals or humble bundles you can get the Redux 50% off which is awesome. For the console release, Xbox One and PS4, the game will cost €39.99/£34.99. With 60fps on both, the PS4 version is 1080p and the Xbox One is currently 900p.

Metro Redux is out this Summer 2014 and shouldn’t be missed.

Sean Labode
Sean Labode
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