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Review: Iron Harvest: Operation Eagle DLC

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-wGrPdJ7rBQ Iron Harvest was released on Steam back in September of last year, but it honestly feels like it’s been longer than just a few...

Review: Gods Will Fall

Life is cruel, and people can only take so much punishment before they must rise up.

Review: Pathfinder Kingmaker

A rich and in-depth world awaits you in this dungeon and dragons influenced RPG.

Saints Row: The Third – The Full Package for the Nintendo Switch

To celebrate the release of the all new Saints Row: The Third – The Full Package trailer, Deep Silver today confirms that the Deluxe...

Watch Metro Exodus short called “Artyom’s Nightmare”

Deep Silver and 4A Games are proud to unveil the spectacular CGI Animated Short, Artyom’s Nightmare. In this dream-like prologue to the events of...

Metro Exodus – Making of Episode Two

Deep Silver and 4A Games today released Part Two of The Making of Metro Exodus – a three-part documentary series filmed on location in...

Metro Exodus Story Trailer Released and Xbox One X Metro Saga Bundle announced

Deep Silver and 4A Games today revealed the Metro Exodus Story Trailer, featuring a host of new characters and a first look at some...

Dakar 18 – Release Date Announced

Portuguese development studio and rally enthusiasts Bigmoon Entertainment today announced the official release date for the upcoming Rally Raid simulation DAKAR 18. The cross-country...

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Review: LOVE – A Puzzle Box Filled with Stories

I am so, so in LOVE with this game! Literally, a game with many uncompleted mini-stories to solve. Each of these is done in...

Review: Undungeon

Review: Severed Steel