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Buffalo Announces Three New DD-WRT Routers


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Buffalo has announced three new DD-WRT routers for the open source fans to use.  Read on for details.


Buffalo has announced three new DD-WRT routers for the open source fans to use.  They’ve announced an AC1750 model, an N600 and an N300 model, all with DD-WRT support.  Here is the press release:


BUFFALO Introduces open source DD-WRT wireless networking solutions

New Buffalo Routers Enable Increased Access and Control of Wireless Network Configurations and Low-level Device Management Capabilities

AUSTIN, TX  – Buffalo Americas, a leading provider of  external storage, network attached storage and networking solutions, today announced the availability of three new high speed AirStation™ Open Source DD-WRT wireless routers, including the AirStation™ AC 1750 WZR-1750DHPD, the AirStation™ N600 WZR-600DHP2D, and the AirStation™ N300 WHR-300HP2D. Featuring DD-WRT Linux-based firmware pre-installed, Buffalo’s new routers provide high performance networking, advanced features and low-level device management, unlocking extensive capabilities with increased network stability. Each router is also equipped with onboard amplifiers to provide maximum radio power for improved performance and range, ideal for consumers and business professionals operating high-bandwidth applications.

This new trio of routers features open source DD-WRT firmware out of the box, offering the best of both worlds – convenience and openness. With a breadth of powerful features not normally found in similar routers, Buffalo’s latest open source DD-WRT offering supports a great number of functionalities with simple setup and configuration. Additionally, DD-WRT provides added stability for reliable operation and improved performance, ideal for the demands of a professional networking environment.

“We are excited to have the opportunity to work closely with Buffalo, bringing DD-WRT to a professional audience on reliable and powerful hardware platforms. Together we form a powerful partnership with distinct new offerings for resellers and professional-grade customers,” said Peter Steinhaeuser, CEO at NewMedia-NET.

“Consumers and business professionals are demanding increased access and control of their wireless network configurations,” said Matt Dargis, COO at Buffalo Americas (USA), Inc. “We launched new open source DD-WRT models of the AirStation router to address this rising demand, giving users the ability to unlock advanced capabilities of their wireless routers at a cost effective price. These features, such as PPTP, OpenVPN and VLAN, allow network administrators and programmers to enable advanced features typically unavailable in consumer-grade wireless routers. ”

Open Source DD-WRT

DD-WRT is an open source Linux-based firmware for wireless routers and access points. Offered as an alternative to OEM firmware, DD-WRT provides users with advanced features and capabilities, including:

  • OpenVPN, VLAN and full command line root access
  • VPN passthrough
  • Advanced QoS controls for bandwidth allocation
  • WDS wireless bridging/repeating
  • DNS caching
  • Viewable performance statistics to measure bandwidth levels
  • Ability to set up as a Wi-Fi hotspot
  • RADIUS authentication for additional wireless security
  • DHCP server
  • Ability to create multiple SSIDs
  • Iptables NAT and Firewall
  • Telnet and SSH Root access

Pricing and Availability

All Buffalo AirStation wireless solutions are backed by a limited three-year warranty including toll-free U.S.-based technical support available 24/7.


I’m a little late reporting on this, as all three routers are currently available.  If you are looking for a router that support DD-WRT, these three may be of interest!

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