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Sonos announces new controller app for Android


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Sonos has announced a new look Sonos Controller app is now available for Android users to try in beta testing. The new Controller offers an array of new features that make it quicker and easier for users to find and listen to their music the way they want. Sonos is committed to constantly improving the user’s experience, by not only releasing new and innovative products, but also by improving the software that makes the system possible and making those updates available to all users, for free.

sono controller app

Since the beginning, Sonos has been focused on one thing – giving users an incredible, immersive music experience throughout their homes, simply and enjoyably. The new look Sonos Controller app makes this even easier for users including new features such as:

  • A refreshed design and simplified interface
  • More intuitive navigation within the app
  • Introducing cross-service search – users can search for a song or artist across all their music services easily

It will be available for non-Android smart phones and tablets later this spring, with plans for new desktop controllers on Mac and PC to follow later this year.

If you are an Android user and want to experience the new look Sonos Controller app in beta, see instructions for how to sign up for the service below:

  1. Go to and select “sign in”
  2. Log-in using your account information
  3. From within your account, select “Sonos Beta”
  4. You will only see one program, Sonos Beta Version 5.0
  5. Select “Join” and you will receive an email to your associated email account
  6. Log-in to your email and you will be able to access the download link for both Android and iOS mobile devices.
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