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CES2014: NETGEAR Announces N300 Personal Travel Router


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NETGEAR announced a new N300 personal router, the PR2000 NETGEAR Trek.  Read on for details!


NETGEAR announced a new N300 personal router, the PR2000 NETGEAR Trek.  This is an N300 router with an integrated firewall, small in size, that can be powered by a USB port on a laptop or plugged into a wall socket.  Here is the portion of the overall press release that talks about the PR2000:

Because more people need fast, secure WiFi on the go, NETGEAR is also unveiling the new NETGEAR Trek™ N300 Travel Router and Range Extender (PR2000) (, which enables you to instantly share any public Internet connection and stay secure with firewall protection for public hotspots. With Trek, you no longer pay multiple access fees for each device at hotels and cafes and turn a wired Internet connection into a secure WiFi hotspot. This compact device can be used as a router, range extender, access point or bridge to keep you connected wherever you trek. With a powerful fold-out external antenna, you’ll enjoy increased range whether you use Trek on the go or at home, and it even boosts public WiFi signal strength for improved connection reliability. Trek integrates the power adapter into a single, rugged unit that’s easy to carry. You can power Trek by directly plugging it into a wall power socket, or by connecting it to a USB port on your laptop computer through a micro USB cable. NETGEAR genie® makes installation a breeze and provides a personal dashboard to monitor, control and repair your home network. Trek will be available this quarter from major retailers in stores and online, at an anticipated MSRP in the U.S. of $49.99.

NETGEAR’s press briefing said that they aimed this product at the true road warrior, and I could have used this exact product last year.  I was in a hotel in Tokyo that only had wired internet; plugging this into the wall and connecting it to the wire would have given me a secure, firewall-protected means of connecting my wireless devices to the internet.  At $49.99, this is a product that I plan to buy and to add to my travel bag; look for a review soon!

Here are some product pictures:


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