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Microsoft Announces Launch Titles for the XBOX One at Gamescom


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Ryse: Son of Rome Unveils Co-op Multiplayer and New Look at the Combat System

Crytek gives aspiring gladiators a taste of the heart-pounding action they’ll engage in this Christmas with the first look at Gladiator mode, the co-operative multiplayer experience in Ryse: Son of Rome. Plunging you into the brutal world of gladiatorial combat, Gladiator mode lets you relive the intense and brutal battles of the Colosseum as you fight co-operatively with your friends against an ever-changing array of enemies to the roar of thousands of spectators. Dynamic tile sets, unique challenges with user-generated playlists and deep character customisation deliver an immersive and unpredictable combat experience unlike any other action game.

Alongside the first look at multiplayer, Crytek revealed more details around the combat system in Ryse, which features a deep, multi-layered experience that challenges and arms the player with a plethora of tools. Showcased in full for the first time at gamescom, the combat demo offers a fresh look at a myriad of brand-new features and refinements never before seen, including a deeper look at attacks and timing, the multi-tiered execution system, the Perks system, combo counters and ranged weapons. More details about Ryse’s new combat system and multiplayer experience (including footage of Gladiator mode) will be available on Xbox Wire.

Dead Rising 3 Unleashes Stunning Cinematic Trailer and First Look at Combo Vehicles

Microsoft and Capcom Vancouver unveiled an action-packed new cinematic trailer for Dead Rising 3, produced in partnership with award-winning studio Blur. The trailer offers a glimpse of the game’s adrenaline-fueled action and all-new storyline, characters and gameplay innovations. In addition, Capcom showcased how the Dead Rising 3 sandbox will expand by empowering players to create a huge variety of Combo Vehicles, like the devastating RollerHawg – a hybrid between a motorcycle and Steamroller with flamethrower attachments. The gameplay unveiled at gamescom also features food combinations, SmartGlass integration and in-game survivors. Check out the new trailer as well as screenshots and footage of Combo Vehicles and gameplay in action on Xbox Wire.

Fan-Favourite Thunder Returns in Killer Instinct

Microsoft and Double Helix announced the official inclusion of Thunder to Killer Instinct. Thunder joins the previously announced Jago, Sabrewulf and Glacius in the line-up of Killer Instinct characters coming to the game’s Autumn release on Xbox One.

“Killer Instinct” for Xbox One will be free to download with one free playable character available. Additional characters will be available for purchase starting at £3.99 each. Players can also purchase special discounted character packages:

Combo Breaker Pack – £16.99 – Saves 50%. Includes:

  • The first 8 characters (6 at launch, plus 2 characters before their official post-launch release)
  • Ultra Edition –£34.99. Includes:
  • The first 8 characters (6 at launch, plus 2 characters before their official post-launch release)
  • Character accessory packs
  • Character costumes
  • The original “Killer Instinct” arcade game

Kinect Sports Rivals Delivers the First Hands-On with Wake Racing and Rock Climbing

Rare and Microsoft gave fans their first-ever hands-on with Kinect Sports Rivals, where players can create their own virtual in-game athletes or Champions, and demoed two sports: Wake Racing and Rock Climbing. Wake Racing combines the fun of a jet ski with the precise and intuitive movements that only the new Kinect sensor can capture to create an experience you couldn’t have had before, whilst Rock Climbing lets you scale the side of a mountain without your feet ever leaving the ground. Kinect Sports Rivals will launch in spring of 2014.

Interact with the Animals in Zoo Tycoon Like Never Before

gamescom will also be the first hands-on with Frontier Developments’ Zoo Tycoon on Xbox One. Fans can check out the four player multiplayer, how Kinect enhances the game and how the Zoo Tycoon community can get involved in real life conservation efforts. Kinect for Xbox One takes your animal interactions to a whole new level.  Your zoo animals will recognise your face and your voice, and react to your movements and instructions like never before.  You can seamlessly switch back and forth from Kinect to controller with ease. Through the collaborative power of the cloud, you can upload your zoo and share it with Tycoons all over the world.  In the Xbox One version, up to four of your friends can join in on the fun through Xbox Live to create and manage your zoos together. You can also engage in large scale community-wide conservation efforts where players can come together and work on achieving a goal related to the care and support of these amazing animals. You’ll be able to communicate with other Tycoons via Skype and loan and trade animals with the entire community. Zoo Tycoon on Xbox One will launch at Christmas 2013.

Project Spark Unveils Personalised Voice and Motion Capture Studio

Team Dakota showcased several innovative features for future Project Spark creators through the reveal of the Project Spark voice and motion capture, which uses the power of Kinect to bring you into the game. Players can capture their facial animations, body motion, voice and sound to create custom character animations, dialogue or even cinematic cut scenes. Team Dakota also announced the official beta launch dates for Project Spark – invitations will begin rolling out to registered beta participants starting at the end of October 2013 for Windows 8 devices, and January 2014 for Xbox One creators. Players can register for the beta at

Popcap Games Announces Peggle 2 Exclusively for Xbox One

PopCap Games, creator of some of the world’s most beloved video game franchises and a division of Electronic Arts Inc. (NASDAQ: EA), today provided the first glimpse of Peggle™ 2, the sequel to the number one puzzle game of 2007. Launching later this year exclusively on Xbox One first, Peggle 2 propels players to the peg-popping paradise of the original whilst delivering a host of new features. Unveiled at gamescom, Peggle 2 offers all-new levels, new and improved power-ups, fantastic multiplayer modes, gesture controls with Kinect for Xbox One, the ability to customise the Peggle Masters who host the game, and much more.

Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare Debuts Xbox-only Features, Including SmartGlass and Kinect

PopCap Games, a division of Electronic Arts Inc. (NASDAQ: EA), today revealed a host of features planned for its highly anticipated, immersive action experience, Plants vs. Zombies™ Garden Warfare. The game will roll-out first exclusively on Xbox One and Xbox 360, with pre-orders being taken now in advance of the title’s launch in Spring 2014.  New features showcased at gamescom include 24-player multiplayer action, 4-player online co-op, personalisation of your favourite plants and zombies with hundreds of unique items, plus Xbox One exclusive modes: 2-player split screen co-op, and Kinect and SmartGlass gameplay in Boss mode.

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