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The Winners of our Win a copy of Arduino For Dummies and Arduino Projects For Dummies contest


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For anyone who’s new to Arduino and not sure how or where to begin, Arduino For Dummies and Arduino Projects For Dummies are the ideal companions and we have 2 copies of each to give away – and here are the winners.

Arduino-FD_thumb4 Arduino-Projects-FD_thumb4

The Arduino is a cheap and readily-available hardware development platform based around an open source, programmable circuit board. It’s being used in workshops, classrooms and homes around the world for fun, for art, for science and even for profit.

Just published, Arduino For Dummies does not assume any prior knowledge or skill on the part of the reader, and provides all the information needed to get up and running.

In his book, John Nussey guides the readers on key areas such as: where to buy Arduino; installing Arduino; creating basic projects that produce light, sound and motion; getting data in and out of the Arduino; connecting the Arduino to servos and sensors; and extending the capabilities using shields and specialist hardware.

Arduino Projects For Dummies is authored by Brock Craft, who introduced Arduino into the UK along with its creator, Massimo Banzi.

Starting with a quick refresher on the basics, it features 11 projects which are fun to build and introduce different aspects of the Arduino board. These include: Building an Arduino clock; Automating your garden’s watering system; Constructing a Keypad Entry System; Creating an RFID reader; Installing a tweeting cat flap; Automating the home; and Building a robot car.

What did you have to do to win

To win a both Arduino books you had to tell us what you would like to do with Arduino.

The winners were:

Laura Pritchard : I’d try out installing a tweeting cat flap for our cats.

Bob Green : I want to develop a reliable automated greenhouse watering system the measures soil moisture and then provides an appropriate amount of water to each plant.

Congratulations guys, I will be in touch shortly.

Stay tuned for more contests soon, and thanks to our friends at Wiley for the books.

Andrew Edney
Andrew Edney
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