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Linksys EA6500 AC Router Review Part Three: Installing the AC Bridge


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In Part Three of my Linksys EA6500 AC router review, I walk through installing the WUMC710 Wireless-AC Universal Media Connector.  Read on for details.


This is Part Three of my Linksys EA6500 AC router review.  In Part One, I showed you the installation process.  In Part Two, I analyzed the potential performance improvement in using wireless AC connections for streaming internet content to a PS3.  In Part Three, I show you the installation process for a wireless AC bridge.

Since there are not very many devices out there that sport a wireless AC connection, if you want to leverage AC speeds today, you need a wireless adaptor that supports AC.  Linksys was nice enough to send on a WUMC710 Wireless-AC Universal Media Connector for this review.  Installation is easy: set up the bridge where you want to connect devices, wire the devices to the bridge using ethernet cables, then connect the bridge to the AC router.  When you are done, your legacy devices will be sporting a connection that I estimated (in Part Two) to be about 88% as capable on a throughput basis as a gigabit wired connection, which is probably good enough for you to see major improvements to wireless streaming inside your network.

Here are some shots of the wireless bridge product. First, box contents:


Second, a few shots of the actual bridge:



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