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Gran Turismo 6 screenshots and images


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This week Sony announced Gran Turismo 6 – and we have lots of screenshots and images we can share.

GT logo6_black_hori

Gran Turismo 6 is the latest version of PlayStation’s best-selling franchise, and will bring new levels of authenticity to ‘the Real Driving Simulator’ as well as introducing stunning new tracks and cars and a revised user interface. The Gran Turismo franchise celebrates its 15th Anniversary in 2013, having recently exceeded 70 million global sales.


· Take to the track with 1,200 cars, from historic classics to the latest engine revving racers from manufacturers such as Ferrari, Lamborghini and Bugatti.

· Speed around 33 locations with an incredible variety of courses, including 7 brand new tracks like the prestigious Silverstone Circuit.

· Enjoy the limitless potential of the new course maker feature which will generate new tracks pulling from several kilometres worth of gorgeous scenery

· Race your rivals around the world in your own communities and online events – and then enjoy these social features on the move with the Gran Turismo 6 mobile and web app for your smart phone, tablet and PC.

Here are lots more for you:

_bmUploads_2013-05-15_2572_Acura NSX 91_73Front_bmUploads_2013-05-15_2575_Alfa Romeo TZ3 Stradale 11_73Rear_bmUploads_2013-05-15_2572_Acura NSX 91_73Front_bmUploads_2013-05-15_2574_Alfa Romeo TZ3 Stradale 11_73Front_bmUploads_2013-05-15_2576_AlfaRomeo_TZ3_Stradale_11_Interior_01_bmUploads_2013-05-15_2580_Alpine A110 1600S 68_73Front_bmUploads_2013-05-15_2582_Audi Sport Quattro S1 Rally Car 86_73Front_bmUploads_2013-05-15_2585_Audi_quattro_S1_Rally_Car_86_interior_02_bmUploads_2013-05-15_2602_Frrrari Dino 246 GT 71_Interior_03_bmUploads_2013-05-15_2610_Jaguar XKR-S 11_73Front_bmUploads_2013-05-15_2612_Lamborghini Countach LP400 74_prm_73Front_bmUploads_2013-05-15_2614_Light Car Company Rocket 07_73Front_bmUploads_2013-05-15_2616_McLaren MP4-12C 10_73Front_bmUploads_2013-05-15_2617_McLaren MP4-12C 10_73Rear_bmUploads_2013-05-15_2619_Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG GT3 11_73Rear_bmUploads_2013-05-15_2621_Nissan 370Z Z34 08 GT Academy13_73Rear_bmUploads_2013-05-15_2623_Nissan 370Z Z34 08 Tuned GT Academy13_73Rear_bmUploads_2013-05-15_2624_Nissan GT-R Black edition 12 GT Academy13_73Front_bmUploads_2013-05-15_2626_NISSAN GT-R R35 NISMO GT3 13_73Front_bmUploads_2013-05-15_2627_NISSAN GT-R R35 NISMO GT3 13_73Rear_bmUploads_2013-05-15_2633_TESLA Model S Signature Performance 12_73Front_bmUploads_2013-05-15_2635_Toyota 86 GT 12_73Front_bmUploads_2013-05-15_2637_XTM X-BOW R 12_73Front_bmUploads_2013-05-15_2639_alpine_a110_01_bmUploads_2013-05-15_2642_countach_lp400_01_bmUploads_2013-05-15_2645_dino_246gt_01_bmUploads_2013-05-15_2646_dino_246gt_02_bmUploads_2013-05-15_2655_SLS_AMG_GT3_01_bmUploads_2013-05-15_2659_tesla_03_bmUploads_2013-05-15_2663_tz3_stradale_02_bmUploads_2013-05-15_2665_XBOW_R_02_bmUploads_2013-05-15_2673_particle_01_bmUploads_2013-05-15_2675_particle_03_bmUploads_2013-05-15_2682_silverstone_gp_01_bmUploads_2013-05-15_2686_silverstone_gp_05_bmUploads_2013-05-15_2694_silverstone_international_02_bmUploads_2013-05-15_2699_silverstone_international_07_bmUploads_2013-05-15_2701_silverstone_international_09_bmUploads_2013-05-15_2705_silverstone_national_03_bmUploads_2013-05-15_2702_silverstone_international_moved

Are you going to play it? Let us know by leaving a comment below.

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