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Hawken Free to Play Release Raider Update


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Hawken a Free to Play games has released a big update the Raider Update not only introduces the new Raider mech with new weapons, a new chassis, and a new ability, but also adds the work-in-progress Facility map and reintroduces the server browser along with plenty of balance tweaks, new cosmetics, and two new ways to “express” yourself to allies and enemies. Expect full details on the mech and new cosmetics when the patch drops!

  • NEW Mech: Raider


The new Raider mech allows you to close pesky gaps and unleash incredible burst damage into your enemy’s grill with new weapons and an amazing new ability!

  • ReFLAK-35–Rapid-fire shotgun with ricochet flechettes
  • T32-BOLT–Chargeable, quick-loading trinity shotgun
  • Corsair-KLA–Dual-mode, MIRV/Grenade launcher
  • Blitz Ability–Increase movement speed AND fire weapons while boosting!


  • NEW Map: Facility
    • Game Modes: Team Deathmatch and Missile Assault.
    • This work-in-progress map will be in a unskinned or “whitebox” state. Try it out and let us know what you think!
    • This map will not be part of the normal map rotation. There will be servers dedicated to this map specifically which can be accessed via Server Browser.
    • This map will also support Deathmatch in an upcoming patch.
    • Note: The Facility map will not be available initially when this patch hits while we perform some server wrangling on our end. It will be introduced before too long and we will provide updates on its status.

Hawken Map Facility

Facility Map


  • Server Browser: We’ve seen significant improvements to matchmaking, but it’s still not ideal so we’re bringing back the server browser.
    • The server browser will not have a requirement tied to its availability. Meaning, a first time player will be able access this tab right away.
    • Matchmaking servers +/-300 points outside your player rating will be grayed out and you will be unable to join. This restriction does not apply to custom servers.
      • Joining through friends is still possible even if the server is outside of your rating.
    • These are not servers separate from the ones we use for matchmaking, they’re all from the same pool. We will also be running Custom Servers.
    • Server names will be unique so it’ll be easy to find specific servers.  The name of the server a player is on will appear on the TAB screen during gameplay to make this process even easier.
    • Your Player Rating will appear on the Server Browser so you can see where you fall on the scale in comparison with available servers. The purpose of this system is to both identify and track the skills of gamers in order to be able to match them into competitive matches.
    • Servers will be labelled “Beginner”, “Medium”, or “Advanced”, dynamically based on the average rating of the players currently on the server. Empty servers will show as “Unranked” until at least 3 players have joined.
    • Game mode lock restrictions previously applied to Matchmaking also apply to Server Browser. Players will need to play a requisite number of Team Deathmatch games to unlock other game modes.
    • The server browser will show populated servers and one empty server for each game mode.
  • Matchmaking has been renamed Quick Match.
  • The “All Regions” filter has been removed.
  • The Asia server regions have been merged into the Oceania server region.
  • The “Custom Servers” filter has been added. Servers in this filter will be set up to run “test” maps such as Facility or work-in-progress game modes. If you use Quick Match, you’ll be put into one of these servers most closely matching your Player Rating.


  • Two new ways to “express” yourself to allies and enemies in-game: Details coming March 5!
  • NEW Thruster: JT-H0TSH0T
  • NEW Repair Drone: RD-QU4TERNION
  • NEW Chassis: Muller (Class B)


  • Balance Overview: We’ve done some significant updates to explosive weapons to help balance their viability versus bullet (trace) weapons. Specifically, players will find that most explosives now feather damage more aggressively than in the past. In some cases, such as with the EOC Repeater and the Hellfire Missiles, players should find explosive weapons more viable for their intended purpose.
    • About Feathering: All weapon damage in HAWKEN uses a damage falloff system. For explosive weapons, when you shoot it at an enemy they take less damage the farther away they are from the explosion impact, but if they’re in the radius of explosion at all then they will take what we refer to as explosion “minimum damage”. Basically, if you hit near a player, you are guaranteed to do at least this much damage. Previously, this damage value was very close to the same damage you’d do if you got a direct hit. Say a weapon does 100 damage when you hit someone directly and if you don’t hit directly it does between 60-80 damage depending on proximity. We’ve reduced that minimum damage value, so in this example if you don’t hit directly it would now do, say, between 20-80 damage.
  • Heat Cannon
    • Decreased non-charged explosion minimum splash damage by nearly 50% to prevent massive damage to enemies at the outer edge of these explosions.
    • Decreased charged projectile damage radius by about 15%. Level 2 and 3 Upgrades are affected by this.
    • Decreased charged projectile minimum splash damage by about 40%.
    • Level 2 Upgrade: Decreased damage radius bonus from 10% to 5%.
    • Level 3 Upgrade: Decreased damage radius bonus from 10% to 5%.
  • EOC Repeater
    • Increased mine proximity distance by 100%. Players should be able to lay mines and have targets hit them more often.
    • Slightly decreased mine max damage radius.
    • Level 3 Upgrade: Changed from increasing damage radius by 15% to increasing mine lifetime by 1.5 seconds.
  • Rev-GL
    • Decreased explosion damage radius by about 15%. Level 1 Upgrade was affected by this.
    • Decreased inner damage radius size (maximum damage area) by about 50%
    • Decreased minimum damage damage by about 30%.
    • Slightly increased rate of fire.
    • Increased heat generation per shot by about 15%
    • Level 1 Upgrade: Decreased damage radius bonus from 10% to 5%.
    • Level 3 Upgrade: Decreased projectile speed bonus from 10% to 5%.
  • TOW Launcher
    • Decreased minimum damage by about 10%.
    • Decreased explosive damage radius by about 20%. Level 2 Upgrade was affected by this.
    • Decreased inner explosive damage radius by about 20%.
    • Level 1 Upgrade: Decreased projectile speed bonus from 10% to 5%.
    • Level 2 Upgrade: Decreased damage radius bonus from 15% to 5%.
  • Seeker
    • Decreased inner damage radius by about 10%.
    • Decreased minimum damage by about 50%.
    • Level 1 Upgrade: Now correctly says “homing strength” rather than “homing time”.
    • Level 1 Upgrade: Decreased homing strength bonus from 10% to 5%.
    • Level 3 Upgrade: Decreased projectile speed bonus from 10% to 5%.
  • Hellfire Missiles
    • Decreased inner damage radius by about 10%.
    • Decreased minimum damage by about 25%.
    • Increased initial missile speed by about 25%.
    • Increased missile acceleration rate by about 20%.
    • Decreased missile max speed by about 15%.
    • Increased homing strength by about 30%. Level 3 Upgrade was affected by this.
    • Increased rate of fire by about 12%.
    • Decreased missile damage by about 15%.
    • Decreased spread by about 30%.
    • Decreased time to lock-on by about 15%.
    • Level 1 Upgrade: Changed from decrease time to lock-on by 0.1 second to increase time to lose lock-on by 0.1 second.
    • Level 3 Upgrade: Decreased homing strength bonus from 10% to 5%.
  • Grenade Launcher
    • Level 1 Upgrade: Decreased damage radius bonus from 10% to 5%.
    • Level 3 Upgrade: Decreased projectile speed bonus from 10% to 5%.
    • Level 3 Upgrade: Now correctly applies bonus to projectile speed rather than damage radius.
  • SMC
    • Increased starting falloff range by about 30%.
    • Increased ending falloff range by about 30%.


  • EMP: Decreased effect duration from 5.5 seconds to 4.5 seconds.
  • Repair Charge: No more “dud” charges! There will be a very slight delay before healing begins, but the charges will now always heal.
  • Detonator: This item will no longer penetrate a deployed Shield.
  • Shield: This item’s description has been updated to reflect what it actually does: “A projectile that creates a magnetic sphere of defensive particles, forming a shield. It prevents all trace or projectile fire from passing through it from the exterior; keep that in mind when firing explosives.”


  • Class C Heavy Turret Modes: Decreased amount of time to switch into and out of all heavy turret modes.
  • Power Shot: The Sharpshooter ability now has a unique icon.


  • Suicides: When a player suicides, credit for the kill will be given to the last player who dealt damage as long as they are within the time limit to get an assist (10 seconds).
  • Internals: Can now be unequipped by selecting “EMPTY”.
  • Countermeasures: Can now by changed during a match by clicking the icon in the Staging area.
  • Gameplay Tips: Viewable in Staging area to provide valuable information. If you’re already a pro, these can be disabled via the Settings menu.
  • PhysX High Option: PhysX particles can now be set to High in the Video Settings menu. High (NVIDIA Only) Option will be grayed out if your computer does not meet required specifications. This setting will add APEX Turbulence effects to the energy collectors, mech death, healing orbs, and weapon impacts on the shield. Click here for more information.
  • Nemesis System
    • Dominate a foe by killing them three times without them killing you to gain bonus XP. When dominating or dominated, you will be marked by a skull or target icon (respectively) next to your name. While being dominated, you can end the domination to remove your target icon and gain bonus XP by earning a kill against the foe who is dominating you.
    • Become a nemesis of a foe by killing each other three times each in a match to gain bonus XP.
    • Become an underdog by killing or assisting against a mech at least five levels above yours to gain bonus XP based on level difference.
  • Kill Messages
    • Assists for which you dealt most of the damage are now displayed as critical assists.
    • When the requisite action for dominating, dominated, nemesis, or underdog status is achieved, it will be reflected in the kill message.


  • Team Deathmatch: A new win condition has been introduced. The first team to 50 kills or the team with the most kills after 15 minutes wins.
  • Missile Assault & Siege
    • Get to the action faster by disabling the Missile Assault and Siege rules screen by marking the “Don’t Show Again” box. They can also be disabled in the Settings menu.
    • The user interface for these modes is now visible while zoomed or in heavy turret mode.


  • The Friends List and Message windows now scale with your set resolution.
  • The XP gained by max level mechs is now shown on the progression tab during post-match results.
  • Removed redundant text for expired test drive mechs.
  • Swapped “Yes” and “No” dialog options to match PC consistency.
  • Added tooltips to most items slots in the Garage.
  • The profanity filter has been adjusted to be less aggressive.

Bugs Squashed

  • The radar should no longer occasionally disappear.
  • Hellfire Missiles will now lock-on properly while in heavy turret mode.
  • Projectiles fired at point blank range will now cause damage.
  • Heavy turret mode HUDs no longer partially disappears after an Overheat debuff resolves.
  • Post-match results tabs should no longer display as a text field.
  • Sirens should no longer play at inappropriate times in Missile Assault and Siege.
  • Spaces can now be used in the login window.
  • Pressing ENTER on an error dialog no longer affects the underlying screen.
  • Pressing ENTER while searching for a match no longer sends the request again.
  • Button prompts in the Garage tutorial are now centered.
  • Fixed double headers on windows causing mouse pointer issues.
  • Fixed Game Chat window graphics appearing corrupt if collapsed and uncollapsed.
  • Corrected a grammatical error in the H.E. Charge item.
  • Fixed inability to select resolution if mouse wheel is used to scroll drop-down menus.
  • The incorrect text no longer is displayed when a player is depositing EU while an enemy battleship is at their base.
  • Mech audio no longer plays every time a repair drone is previewed in the Garage.
  • Radio buttons no longer shows when Game Chat is minimized.
  • Scrolling the lore text box for a mech in the YOUR MECHS tab no longer scrolls the lore text box for all mechs.
  • Repaired some mechs missing polys on Low Settings.
  • The SWITCH TEAM button no longer cuts off text in some languages.
  • Items can no longer be deployed while boosting using the 1 and 2 keys.
  • Fixed purchased rentals not updating the mech details after purchase in the YOUR MECHS tab.
  • Fixed unselected focus state of social feature buttons.
  • The low health alarm beep now plays while in heavy turret mode.
  • Fixed a typo in the “Decrease All Damage Received” Optimization in the Defense tree.
  • Fixed overlapping text on player currency display.
  • The HUD no longer disappears if the camera mode or view target changes while the pause menu is open.
  • Addressed an issue with flashing polygons on the Origin map.
  • Some mech and weapon text has been reformatted for improved legibility
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