GamingNew Playstation Teaser Released ahead of PS4 Launch (Updated)

New Playstation Teaser Released ahead of PS4 Launch (Updated)


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Sony has released a new Teaser ahead of the PlayStation press conference.

The clip, titled ‘Evolution of PlayStation:  The Beginning’, takes a look back at the launch and development of the original PlayStation.


PlayStation Evolution – The Next Big Thing all about the Playstation 2.


Here is the Evolution of the Playstation 3, what will Sony do next.


Here is Evolution of PlayStation: Portable Gaming

Sony is widely expected to unveil the PlayStation 4 at its 20th February press conference, with images of what is believed to be prototype controllers for the  console recently leaking online.


Star Wars 1313 is rumoured to be one of the first titles for PS4 when it is launched later this year.

The peripherals appear similar in design to the standard PS3 controller, except with a touchpad at the centre and a light at the top that is expected to function in the same way as the orb at the end of the Move controller.

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