TechGadgetsCES 2013: Samsung Shows Off Bendy Smartphone

CES 2013: Samsung Shows Off Bendy Smartphone


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Samsung  has unveiled a prototype phone with a flexible display, meaning it can be  folded almost like paper.

During its keynote speech at the CES 2013  trade show yesterday (January 9), the Korean firm showed off the bendy display  technology, as well as a phone with a curved display.

Instead of glass, the flexible phone features super-thin plastic that means it  is bendable and unbreakable. The device demonstrated at the keynote ran Windows Phone 8 rather than Android.


Samsung is creating a whole new range of  organic light-emitting diode (OLED) flexible displays under the Youm branding.

The screens can be made super-thin and flexible as they use OLED  technology, which generates its own light and so does not need to be backlit  like traditional LCD screens.

Microsoft’s chief technical strategy  officer Eric Rudder came on stage to show a working Windows Phone 8 prototype  phone with Samsung’s new Youm screen.

The demonstration unit had the  bendy display attached to a box containing the processor. The phone was shown to  flex and bend without any major distortion to the colours or icons.

Samsung has been working on flexible displays for several years and previously released  a video showing the potential applications for ‘bendy’ smartphones or  tablets.

Samsung said that the Youm technology will allow its  hardware partners to create a whole new range of devices with “bended, foldable  and moulded screens”.

At the keynote, Samsung Display executive Brian  Berkeley said: “It won’t break even if it’s dropped. This new form-factor will  really begin to change how people interact with their devices, opening up new  lifestyle possibilities … allow our partners to create a whole new ecosystem  of devices.”

The company also showed off a Youm device with a display  that was curved at the edge, designed to give extra screen real estate.

Samsung suggested that the curved edge could be used to display messages  to the user while keeping the rest of the display free.

Some reports  have suggested that Samsung’s Youm flexible display technology will debut with  the firm’s Galaxy S4 smartphone, which is expected to be unveiled this spring.

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