NewsMicrosoft Offering up to 2400 Points for Trying Now...

Microsoft Offering up to 2400 Points for Trying Now TV


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Microsoft is offering free  points to users who sign up for a NOW TV trial on the Xbox 360.
Users can  earn 800 Microsoft Points for trying the service free of charge for one month,  and a further 1600 Points for making a subsequent payment of £8.99.
Now TV
Open to Xbox Live Gold members only, the promotion is available until January 31  through the NOW TV website.The streaming service  costs £8.99 a month for the first three months, after which users will be  charged a monthly fee of £15.According to the product description, NOW  TV offers the latest movies 12 months before Lovefilm and Netflix, and also  provides access to Sky’s 11 movie channels.

NOW  TV launched on the Xbox 360 in August, offering high-quality video streaming  at 720i resolution.

Kinect for Xbox 360 owners are also able to use voice  and gesture controls for the NOW TV app.

More content from Sky will be  added to NOW TV over the coming months, including Sky Sports and a range of entertainment shows from channels such as Sky Atlantic and Sky1.


Chris Hare
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