Fuji Welcomes the FinePix S1 at CES 2014

Fujifilm has unveiled its FinePix S1 point-and-shoot camera at the CES 2014. The superzoom snapper features a 50x (24-1,200mm) f/2.8-5.6 lens, and is resistant...

Unboxing and configuring the Samsung Evolution Kit (video)

I have the 2012 Samsung ES8000 LCD TV and as I wanted the 2013 experience I purchased the Samsung Evolution Kit to upgrade it, and here is how I got on.

Acer Liquid E2 Smartphone Announced

Acer has announced the Liquid E2 smartphone. The Android Jelly Bean handset packs a 1.2GHz quad-core processor and 1GB of RAM, as well as...

Soladapt Converts your Normal Monitor into a Touch Screen Monitor

If you are looking at the new OS from Microsoft Windows 8, We all know that it is really designed for touch but what if you don't have a Touch Screen monitor for your PC. What should you do, got out and buy a new Touch Screen for Windows 8, I have the answer for you from the good people from Soladapt, has designed an overlay for you monitor to turn it into a Touch Screen monitor, that works on 15 inches to 159 inches.

CES 2013: Samsung Shows Off Bendy Smartphone

Samsung has unveiled a prototype phone with a flexible display, meaning it can be folded almost like paper. During its keynote speech at the CES 2013 trade show yesterday (January 9), the Korean firm showed off the bendy display technology, as well as a phone with a curved display.

Philips Unveil New TV’s for 2012

Philips has unveiled the first of its new TV’s for 2012 with the announcement of four new ranges covering the budget to mid-range sector of the TV market.

CES 2012 – Samsung’s Transparent Smart Window

One of the very cool new things Samsung showed off at CES 2012 was their Transparent Smart Window. We take a look at it, or should that be through it?

Toshiba Announce CEVO-Engine for Superior TV Experiences at IFA 2010

This week at IFA 2010 Toshiba announced their new CEVO-Engine for superior TV experiences and the first TV – the 55 ZL1.

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