Storage & NASQNAP Updates Compatibility List

QNAP Updates Compatibility List


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QNAP updated its compatibility list for Turbo NAS again, and this time added 45 IP cameras!  Read on for details.


QNAP continues to add more items to their Turbo NAS compatibility list, and this time they added 45 IP cameras from ACTi!  Here is the QNAP announcement:

QNAP Expands its Turbo NAS Peripherals Compatibility List, Adding a New 3.5-inch Internal SATA Hard Drive, a 2.5-inch internal SSD and Forty-five Network Cameras

Taipei, Taiwan, September 27, 2012 – QNAP® Systems, Inc. is extending the number of compatible peripherals for its Turbo NAS products, the additions including one Western Digital® 3.5-inch 1TB internal SATA hard drive, one Samsung® 2.5-inch 512GB internal SSD and forty-five ACTi ® network cameras.

The compatible 3.5″ internal SATA hard drive is listed below:

  • Western Digital® – WD1000DHTZ (1TB)

The compatible 2.5″ internal SSD is listed below:

  • Samsung® – MZ-7PC512 (512GB)

The compatible Network Cameras are listed below:

  • ACTi ® – ACTi ACD-2000Q, ACTi ACD-2100, ACTi ACD-2200, ACTi ACD-2300, ACTi ACD-2400, ACTi SED-2120, ACTi SED-2140, ACTi ACM-1011, ACTi ACM-1231/ 1232, ACTi ACM-1511, ACTi ACM-3001/ 3011, ACTi ACM-3211, ACTi ACM-3311, ACTi ACM-3401/ 3411/ 3511, ACTi ACM-3601/ 3603, ACTi ACM-3701/ 3703, ACTi ACM-4000/ 4001, ACTi ACM-4100, ACTi ACM-4200/ 4201, ACTi ACM-5001, ACTi ACM-5601/ 5611, ACTi ACM-5711, ACTi ACM-7411, ACTi ACM-8201/ 8211, ACTi ACM-8511, ACTi AEK-1001, ACTi CAM-5201/ 5221/ 5301/ 5321, ACTi CAM-6510/ 6610/ 6620/ 6630, ACTi CAM-7300/7321/7322, ACTi KCM-5111, ACTi TCD-2500, ACTi TCM-1231, ACTi TCM-1511, ACTi TCM-3011, ACTi TCM-3401, ACTi TCM-3511, ACTi TCM-4101, ACTi TCM-4201, ACTi TCM-4301, ACTi TCM-5001, ACTi TCM-5311/5312, ACTi TCM-5611, ACTi TCM-7011, ACTi TCM-7411, ACTi TCM-7811

Now if they would only add some more TRENDnet cameras, I’d be happy!

QNAP Press Release
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