NewsNetccentric Launches New “Social Blog Stalking” App

Netccentric Launches New “Social Blog Stalking” App


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Netccentric has launched a new service for keeping tabs on blogs, called NuffnangX.  Read on for details.


Netccentric has launched what they are calling a social blog stalking app, called Nuffnangx.  It operates as a blog aggregation service.  Here is the announcement:

Social blog stalking revolutionising the blogosphere

NuffnangX launched to bring social and mobile layers to the blogosphere 

London, 18 September 2012 – Netccentric, one of Asia’s largest online social and media ventures with a community of over one million bloggers, has today launched NuffnangX, the new ‘social blog stalking’ app that allows users to find, follow AND communicate with fellow bloggers and readers. NuffnangX aims to revolutionise the blogosphere by bringing together all aspects of blog discovery and consumption in to one user-friendly, on-the-go platform.

The beauty of NuffnangX lies in its ability to take the hassle out of blog interaction with three key features:

Find new reads – The Internet is literally swarming with blogs and content to discover; however, likelihood suggests that a large percentage of it won’t be of interest to you personally. Without sifting through each blog individually, there has been no way to pull out blogs and content to read, until now.

NuffnangX’s recommended lists, highlight new, high quality content from over 20 categories such as fashion and shopping to technology and food – NuffnangX trawls the blogosphere so you don’t have to.

Follow your favourites – Everyone’s favourite blogs are now available in one place and can be added to the user’s feed so they are always up to speed on the latest news, views and reviews. NuffnangX patent pending algorithm pulls that sentence which most accurately reflects the content of the post (the ‘elevator pitch’), instead of using the often unhelpful first line of the blog, so users can quickly decide whether a post is interesting enough to read – a great time saver that takes the guess work out of reading content on new blogs.

Enhance communications – NuffnangX Conversations allows users to communicate with each other, friends and the actual writer behind the blog. Gone are the days of scrolling through pages of irrelevant comments to find the relevant response. With NuffnangX, users can carry on a conversation with others in a private window or can read other archived conversations.

Discussing the motivation behind the new social blog stalking app, Cheo Ming Shen, founder of NuffnangX comments, “The popularity of blogging has gone through the roof in recent years. Although this has led to an abundance of high quality and varied content, which can only be a good thing, it has meant searching for the right blog content for you can be a long and arduous task. The aim of NuffnangX is to allow people to easily access their favourite blogs on the go and perhaps even strike gold with some great new content in the process.”

“At Netccentric, we are also wary that the popularity of social sites, such as Twitter and Facebook, could see the death of prose as we know it today. Short-form communication is becoming more and more prevalent and we’re looking to encourage users to reengage with the written word through blogging and social blog stalking.”

NuffnangX is available to download on Android and iOS for FREE and can be accessed online at http://www.

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