Storage & NASICY DOCK Blizzard External Hard Drive Enclosure Review

ICY DOCK Blizzard External Hard Drive Enclosure Review


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Quiet Performance

The one area that I was concerned about was the noise that would be generated by that 80mm spinning fan sitting on my desktop.  I don’t think that you can ever really eliminate fan noise, and the fan noise is audible, but it is not an issue.  I forgot that it was there in my home office, and if this was in use in my work office, I’d not even hear the fan noise.  In short, this unit will probably fit in well on your desktop from a noise perspective.

Overall Conclusion

ICY DOCK hit the design goals well with this unit.  It looks great, is easy to swap hard drives in and out, keeps the installed hard drive cool without creating too much noise and allows the user to control the fan speeds to take as much control over the cooling process as desired.

The unit with esata and USB 3.0 is currently $71.99 on NewEgg, and the esata and FireWire 800 version is $109.99 on NewEgg.  At those prices, you can almost buy an external drive with a 2TB drive already installed, but if you want the extra cooling capability and the ability to swap hard drives, this enclosure makes sense.  I give it a 5/5 Gold Award and recommend it.


Enjoy the following product photos to get a good idea of how this unit looks!  It’s a cool looking device!



ICY DOCK provided the unit that I reviewed here, did not charge me and allowed me to keep it.  This did not impact my review, I would buy one of these with my own money, but I wanted to make sure that you were aware that this was provided to me at no charge.

ICY DOCK Blizzard Product Page Buy the Blizzard On NewEgg!
Jim McCarthy
Jim McCarthy
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