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E3 2012: Singing along with the Nintendo Wii U SiNG game


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At the Nintendo press conference at E3, one of the forthcoming Wii U games announced is called SiNG, and I somehow got roped into a singing session at the Nintendo booth.


Get the party started with SiNG (which is the current working title), from FreeStyleGames, a new, interactive musical performance game that will get you and your guests singing and dancing well into the night.

With dozens of popular songs to choose from, everyone from novice singers to experienced
entertainers will be able to join in the fun. While one person steps up as the main performer, others can dance, sing and clap along with the prompts on the TV screen, making sure everyone at the party is rocking out together.

• In “Party” mode, the lead singer uses the Wii U GamePad controller to view lyrics and receive cues, freeing them from the TV and allowing them to interact with the audience, making each performance more engaging and enjoyable.

• There’s no limit to the number of people who can join in at one time. Audience participation, such as singing, dancing, interacting with the lead singer and playing instrumental sounds with the Wii Remote controllers, is the key to a great performance.

• In “Sing” mode, up to two singers’ vocal and overall performance quality are evaluated on the TV in real time.

• The GamePad can be used as an audio mixer and to create a playlist.

• A variety of song selections, from the ‘60s to current pop hits, makes it easy for players from any generation to put on a show.

So, on to the SiNGing….

On the Nintendo stand, there was a specially designed room so that a small group could experience the game, sing along, and dance too! Somehow I ended up in that room!

CDW - Nintendo Wii U SiNG at E3 - 11

The room was set up like an average living room. The Wii U was under lock and key though!

CDW - Nintendo Wii U SiNG at E3 - 1

CDW - Nintendo Wii U SiNG at E3 - 7 CDW - Nintendo Wii U SiNG at E3 - 2

For this session, we were only offered a choice of three songs, and as there were no willing victims, er, I mean volunteers one of the Nintendo girls offered to sing, and she had a great voice!

CDW - Nintendo Wii U SiNG at E3 - 3 CDW - Nintendo Wii U SiNG at E3 - 4

One of the main differences to SiNG is that you actually face away from the screen, reading the lyrics on the GamePad rather than on the TV screen.

CDW - Nintendo Wii U SiNG at E3 - 6 CDW - Nintendo Wii U SiNG at E3 - 8

While she was singing, everyone else was dancing along by following the instructions on the TV screen. The screen contains all the dance moves to follow, so it basically combines two games in one.

CDW - Nintendo Wii U SiNG at E3 - 5 CDW - Nintendo Wii U SiNG at E3 - 9CDW - Nintendo Wii U SiNG at E3 - 12 CDW - Nintendo Wii U SiNG at E3 - 10

It was actually a lot of fun, and I can see this being one of those games that people buy with the Wii U.

It is important to note that the pictures above show the Wii U GamePad connected to the Wii U via a thick cable – this won’t be on the final version of the Wii U.

SiNG is due for release this Holiday for the Wii U. A specific date and pricing have yet to be released. So watch this space.

Andrew Edney
Andrew Edney
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