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Want your own personal DJ then try out WE7 today


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WE7 is a UK based music site delivering a personal DJ who selects music and creates personal radio stations for all of its users.


WE7 believes that the music you like is more important than your in-depth music knowledge.  No matter what mood users are in, just tell the personal DJ via and he’ll pull the right tune out of the 9.5 million song database to match it.  The more you tell we7 about what you like and don’t like the more we get to know you.  It’s your own free and easy personal radio.

Originally founded in 2006 by John Taysom who brought in CTO Gareth Reakes. CEO, Steve Purdham and legendary musician Peter Gabriel became founder investors in early 2007 and we7 was born in May 2007 – launching its streaming service in November 2008.

They believe what you like is more important than what you know. So you don’t have to trawl a massive catalogue – all you need to do is enter a single song, artist or genre to get started. From here the music you love keeps on coming – you get personalised radio stations full of songs that match this search. So if you search a specific artist, you’ll get their songs, with other similar ones thrown in. As they get to know you it just gets better and better. It’s completely free, easy and personalised – and potentially never-ending.

If you register, you’ll get unlimited access to play and create stations.You’ll also get 50 free requests a month – which means you can choose a particular song or album you’d like to hear and listen to straight away.

WE7, the personalised online radio service, has now announced tight integration with Facebook Open Graph to support the Facebook Music Bridge. The feature, that also supports Facebook’s new ‘timeline’ interface, enhances the social experience for WE7 listeners by allowing them to share their favourite music and personalised radio stations. Listeners can also explore their friend’s music taste and discover new music.

Pushing the sounds of WE7 beyond the realm of, support for Facebook Music integrates WE7’s next generation online radio with cutting edge social media – bringing a vast array of popular, new and undiscovered music to Facebook users at the click of a button. Social listeners need not have a WE7 account to play their friends favourite music, and as WE7 is a cloud based web service there is no need to download any app, giving instant access to the music. Listens are posted to Facebook’s timeline allowing WE7 users to browse the songs their friends are listening to and view their favourite songs and stations.

WE7 is very conscious of user privacy and has ensured their new Facebook integration is a simple opt in /opt out procedure accessible from a user’s WE7 or Facebook settings page.

To explore WE7 head to and let us know what you think of it.

Andrew Edney
Andrew Edney
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