Final Thoughts

I liked using the K1 – it’s my first real use of an Android tablet. Previously everything has either been Windows or my iPad 1 or 2.

The menus and screens were very easy to use and I had no problem finding what I wanted.

One really nice thing I found was the screen capture button. As an iPad owner I have been able to do this since day one, but Android owners haven’t had this “luxury” and certainly for the completing of this review, the screen capture button was invaluable to me.

Flash worked fine – just what you would expect to be honest.

I found the battery life to be really good – I got around 8 hours or so of use out of it.

The inclusion of a number of apps on the K1, not just games, was also good, and it was really simple to just pick new ones from the Android Market.

There are a number of ports and connections on the K1, making it more usable than some other tablets and slates I have tried in the past.

Also it is a good spec for a tablet!

A few things I didn’t like – the back felt quite plasticy and felt that if I applied any real pressure to it that it might actually break.

I also found it more uncomfortable to use after extended periods of time than I do with my iPad.

Also, the menu buttons on the screen sometimes got knocked when using the K1, for example, holding the K1 to play Angry Birds (that really important business related function) meant that occasionally the buttons got knocked.

The speakers were ok, although they were nothing exciting – so either listen using headphones or connect up some decent speakers to the K1.

The screen was also not as bright as I would have liked. That’s not to say its really dark – just not as light! Use it and you will see what I mean.

Price wise you are look at around the £370 mark, so it is worth considering the features of the K1 against other tablets, including the iPad 2, although those looking for a simple, yet well specced Android tablet should certainly look closely at this one.


Learn more from the Lenovo website