MicrosoftWindows Home ServerStableBit Scanner for WHS V1 Updated to Version

StableBit Scanner for WHS V1 Updated to Version


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StableBit Scanner is an advanced disk surface scanner with a built in file system damage analysis system for Windows Home Server V1 and it has just been updated to version


If the physical surface scanner finds unreadable sectors, the on-disk file system aware scanner maps the physical sector damage onto the file system metadata and tells you what on-disk data structures got damaged.

StableBit Scanner tells you what you really want to know. It tells you which files got damaged as a result of disk surface damage.

Version includes the following changes:

* License transfer fix.

* Put error trapping aroung WHS queries that are crashing on some systems.

* Thread priority is being ignored by .NET. Updated code to use Win32 and made it optional in the config.

StableBit Scanner costs $24.95 or you can download a one month trial.

Learn more from the StableBit website
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