Review : diskAshur 2 USB Drive from iStorage

Here is our review of the diskAshur 2 USB Drive from iStorage

Has the new Xbox One Slim been leaked early?

We’ve heard reports and rumours circulating regarding the Xbox One Slim, it appears its existence may have just leaked ahead of Microsoft’s official reveal...

New PS4 with 1TB HDD coming next month

Sony has announced that the 1TB PS4 is coming to Europe, the 'Ultimate Player Edition' console will be available from 15th July in black and...

WD Announces a family of NAS HDD With the World’s First 2.5-INCH NAS Drives

Western Digital company and storage industry leader, has announced the expansion of its category-leading WD Redline of SATA hard drives specifically designed for home and...

Review of the StarTech Portable eSATA USB to SATA Standalone Hard Drive Duplicator Dock

Would you like a very small portable hard drive duplicator? Did we mention it was also standalone? Oh, and you can use it with your PC to access the drives. Here we review the StarTech Portable eSATA USB to SATA Standalone Hard Drive Duplicator Dock.

Review of the Aleratec 1:3 HDD Copy Dock Duplicator

Back in March we told you about the new Aleratec 1:3 HDD Copy Dock Duplicator, and we have been using one for a while, so it’s time for our review.

Western Digital starts shipping WD Scorpio Blue 7 mm hard drive

Western Digital today announced it is shipping the WD Scorpio Blue 7 mm hard drive, the latest addition to its mobile hard drive family and the 2.5-inch drive with the lowest power consumption on the market today.

WD Launch first 2 TB portable drive for the Mac; the My Passport Studio

Western Digital today introduced the first 2 TB capacity portable drive dedicated for Mac customers, My Passport Studio.

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