Last night, I told you about the price drop on the HP TouchPads.  Today I have an update; read on for details!

HP TouchPad

Here is what Best Buy is saying online:

Best Buy’s HP TouchPad Return
and Price Match Policies

What should I do if I purchased the HP TouchPad outside of the 14-day return policy and would like to return it?

Best Buy is extending its return/exchange policy on the HP TouchPad and all HP TouchPad accessories to 60 days. Come into a Best Buy store and we will help you find another tablet to fit your needs or issue you a refund.

Does the Best Buy Price Match policy still apply if I see the HP TouchPad discounted at another retailer?

No. As of August 19, 2011, the HP TouchPad is on clearance and we will no longer be selling the units so we will not offer any price matches. As mentioned above, we will still be offering an extended return/exchange policy.

It seems that Best Buy is not going to match the HP fire sale prices of $99/$149 based on this statement and the fact that the shopping cart prices are still at the old higher levels.

Wal-Mart is showing out of stock online at the fire sale prices, and I confirmed via a trip to the local Peoria Wal-Mart that the store is not matching the on-line prices.

Amazon is showing the old prices.

Microcenter is showing the old price until you put it in your shopping cart, which then switches to the fire sale pricing.  I ordered two this way today; hat tip to a bloke named Andrew Edney for finding that one!

HP is showing out of stock for fire sale prices.  I expect them to sell out returns from Best Buy and other sales channels that won’t discount, so keep an eye on this page.

Good luck shopping!