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Home Server Status for Windows Home Server 2011 Version 1.01 Released


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Do you miss some of the information you used to see in WHS V1? Well Jerry Wade has written an app that brings that information to WHS 2011 and it’s just been updated to version 1.01.


This is how Jerry describes this app:

It wasn’t long ago I told my friend, John, about my wonderful WHSv1. He decided to create his own box and use WHS 2011. However, he noticed that the icon did not give him the same information as mine such as, connectivity and backup in progress (eg: blue icon). After pondering over this, I decided to put my limited programming skills to work and develop a home server status application. So, without further hesitation, world, humbly meet: Home Server Status v1.0.


  • .NET Framework 4
  • WHS 2011 Connector
  • Windows 7 32/64-bit machine. (Why only Windows 7? Well, it offered the features I wanted to see such as, the overlay icons and taskbar pinning.)

There is one minor issue when pinning Home Server Status to the taskbar: When you pin the icon to your taskbar, you will notice that the icon changes to the default. Just go back into settings and reselect the icon again or simply press close/update. This is not a problem with HSS, but with the way Microsoft creates their pinned icons and how I chose to handle them.

screen1_thumb screen2_thumb

This is what is included in version 1.01:

1. I added a better routine for notifications of when a backup is running, completed, and cancelled.

2. I have added status messages to the taskbar icon. When you mouse-over, you get the thumbnail view but with status and a backup button that takes you directly to the backup properties dialog.

3. At user’s request, I have added the ability to double-click the tray icon and go to the dashboard when using classic tray icons.

To use the new version:

1. If one plans to use the installer then they must first UNINSTALL PREVIOUS and then run setup.exe


2. Simply replace your existing .exe file in the Win7-32bit C:\Program Files\Home Server Status or Win7-64bit C:\Program Files (x86)\Home Server Status folder.

Download Home Server Status from here
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Andrew Edney
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