MicrosoftWindows Home ServerAdd-In Update: Lights-Out 1.5.1 for Windows Home Server V1

Add-In Update: Lights-Out 1.5.1 for Windows Home Server V1


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Martin Rothschink has just been in touch to say that he has just released version 1.5.1 of his Lights-Out add-in for Windows Home Server V1.


The Add-In basically allows you to monitor and control all power aspects of your server and PCs on your network. You can turn on, put to sleep, hibernate and shut down PCs on the network. You can even monitor the actual PC usage and server remote access as well.

Lights-Out enhances a Windows Home Server in these areas:

  • Power management, to run your server on demand
  • Client backup, to run a scheduled backup and use Wake-On-Lan
  • Uptime chart, to give a graphical overview of device activity in your network

Current Version 1.5.1 Build 1555

Changes since 1.0.4:

  • Added client actions for shutdown, standby and reboot
  • Added share monitor
  • Added console session monitor
  • Added display of active monitors
  • Added day slider to uptime chart
  • Added display of scheduled backup times to computer tab
  • Added timer support for scheduled client wake-up
  • Fixed distorted status page when DPI setting of display has been changed to a nonstandard value or when big fonts have been used
  • Fixed missing timer reset when standard action or wait time has been changed
  • Fixed bug in handling start/stop service names
  • Changed background and font colours to allow high contrast themes

Known issues

  • The internal format for calendar events has changed. This affects import from external sources.
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