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Windows Home Server Migration Assistant WHS2WHS Updated to Version 1.04


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We told you about the WHS Migration Assistant WHS2WHS last month, and now it has been updated to version 1.04.


The WHS Migration Assistant (WHS2WHS) is designed to help primarily with the planning of the data move from Windows Home Server to Windows Home Server 2011. There are two versions of WHS2WHS: the basic version and the Pro version. The Pro version, in addition to the planning functions, has functions for partially automating the actual data movements and other functions for saving, restoring and printing multiple plans. NOTE: WHS2WHS Pro does not directly copy, erase nor move any data. It provides a planning template as well as a framework for invoking other tools, using the plan as a guide.

Download WHS2WHS Basic here Learn more from the MediaDogg website Visit the Official WHS2WHS forums here

// Change History …

// Version 1.0 Initial Release

// Version 1.01 Fixed bug in “Add Entry” context menu

// Version 1.02 (Basic and Pro)

//  – Check for already running added

//  – Log / View added to Main Menu of Basic version

//  – “Open” added to Target disk context menu

//  – Source and Target servers UserID is now restored across sessions

//  – Tab order for controls has been improved to be more intuitive

//  – Target disk volumes now ordered in drive letter sequence

//  – Improved error messages and log entries

//  – Double click on blank rows of disk volume brings up disk info edit

//  – Discover folder size estimate improved (see note for limitations)

//  – When a copy is checked “Complete” on the plan, the Source server name is replaced by the Target server name in the folder path

// Version 1.02 (Pro Only)

//  – Improved discovery of BC and RichCopy on C: drive

// Version 1.03 (Basic and Pro) – Unreleased

//  – Added disk inventory. View Inventory plus Physical Drives Used

//  – In Pro, inventory is saved with the plan

// Version 1.04 (Basic and Pro)

//  – Added Tooltips, tooltips On/Off buttons

//  – Added help info header in edit dialogs

//  – Added task-oriented Help Topics

//  – Added smart sorting to Disk columns (by folder, drives not included)

//  – Added discovery of DE/Shares

//  – Rewording of some menu items and messages for clarity

//  – Discovery of folders sizes is more accurate

//  – Additional log messages and error recovery

//  – View Plan Image now suppresses display of File dropdown

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