Today another player enters the Windows Home Server 2011 hardware market – a UK based company called PC Specialist, and they have three models to choose from.


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First up is the Silent Home Streamer:

This one starts from £300 and contains an Atom processor.

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Learn more about the Silent Home Server

Next is the Mini Home Server:

This one starts from £550 and contains an Intel i3 processor.

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Learn more about the Mini Home Server

And finally there is the Pro Power Server:

This one starts at a whopping £850 and contains an Intel i5 processor.

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Learn more about the Pro Power Server

All of these servers look to use standard components – for example, the Pro Power Server uses a Cooler Master case, so if you think the £850 price tag is a bit much for you, you could always build one yourself.

Either way, it’s nice to see some new hardware out there.

Visit the PC Specialist website

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