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Review of My Movies for Windows Home Server 2011 2.0 Pre Release 7


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Ripping Movies

Here is how the Movie Disc Copier component is described:

My Movies Disc Copier is a fully automated DVD or Blu-ray disc copier that allows you to automatically copy your movies directly to the Home Servers storage making it available to Media Centers, such as Microsoft Media Center, Media Portal, XBMC and many others.

Your movies can be copied to either VIDEO_TS formats for DVD’s, ISO format for DVD or Blu-ray, or a Media Center Extender compatible MPEG-2 format for DVD’s, or you can copy both to a VIDEO_TS format as well as an MPEG-2 format for DVD’s, allowing the full VIDEO_TS structure to be played on the main Media Center, and the MPEG-2 file on your Media Center Extender.

Disc copying has never been easier, simply insert a DVD or Blu-ray into an optical drive, and the copy process will start automatically, while you have a full detailed overview in your Windows Home Server console, after about 15 minutes for a DVD, or about 45 minutes for a Blu-ray, depending on the size of the disc, and the processing power of your Home Server, the disc will again be ejected from the drive.

Make sure that AnyDVD is installed and registered otherwise the movie ripping will not work.

Just pop the DVD or Blu-ray into the drive and sit back and wait. Information on the Movie title should appear (as it reads the disc label). Just be patient while the rip takes place.

UWHS Review - My Movies for Windows Home Server 2011 2.0 Pre Release 7

You can change the movie data using the Collection Management program. For this review I didn’t connect to my client which is running the Collection Management software, but I can say that on my Media Center machine this runs beautifully.

UWHS Review - My Movies for Windows Home Server 2011 2.0 Pre Release 7

Learn more about Collection Management here

Final Thoughts

What can I say? I really love My Movies. It is very easy to install and configure – with lots of different options that should keep just about everyone happy!

Once it is all configured it is so simple to use – you just have to pop in a music CD or a movie DVD or Blu-ray, and My Movies does the rest.

I tried a number of different audio CDs and movies and each time My Movies worked flawlessly (and this a beta!).

If you want to easily rip music or movies to your Windows Home Server then My Movies for Windows Home Server 2011 is a must have add-in. Go get it today!

UWHS Review - My Movies for Windows Home Server 2011 2.0 Pre Release 7

Visit the My Movies website
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  1. Thanks for the review. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a negative review for My Movies.
    One thing that is still unclear to me is how the various components of My Movies work together. I do not have a disc drive in my home server and I only have an Atom processor, so I’m not really interested in disc ripping on my server. All I want to do is store my movies and TV series on my home server and serve them to my media centre – do I still need the WHS version of My Movies, or will it all run from the Media Centre?

  2. Hi Richard

    No, you don’t need the WHS version of My Movies to do what you want to do.

    You will need My Movies on your Media Center and also the collection management software as well.

    Then just have My Movies monitor the share on your home server for the media and thats it.

    I have the same setup but with the files stored locally on the Media Center, but it works just the same as My Movies just looks at wherever you tell it.


  3. I am glad to hear that you have had success. I on the other hand have not. I found bugs, installation problems, ripping problems and quality issues. I have also found the lack of support to be a deal breaker. I honestly wanted this to work for me. I was prepared to buy until I tried it out.

    I am using the My Movies for Windows Home Server 2011 Version: 2.00 Release date: June 28’th 2011. I ran into problems early so I started a thread to find that support does not exist for My Movies. I felt like I was I was not welcome on the forums and god forbid that I ran into problems.

    Here is my fair review from my experience with My Movies.

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