How To's & GuidesChanging the Workgroup Name in Windows Home Server 2011

Changing the Workgroup Name in Windows Home Server 2011


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If you have installed Windows Home Server 2011, you will notice the workgroup name is WORKGROUP and you can’t change it. Well, Diehard was good enough to post in our forums how to do it and I have expanded on it here.

[box type=”alert” style=”rounded” border=”full”]WARNING: Some people are reporting that once they have changed the WORKGROUP name that the Dashboard will no longer load. The only way to fix this is to perform a server reinstall, so if you not sure DO NOT attempt to change the WORKGROUP name.[/box]

UWHS Changing Workgroup Name in WHS 2011

So here are the steps you need to follow to change the Workgroup name to match your network:

Use Remote Desktop Connection and connect to the server (of if you have a monitor, keyboard and mouse connected to the server just go to the desktop)

Start > Right-click Computer > Manage

Under Roles Summary section, click Remove Roles on the right side

UWHS Changing Workgroup Name in WHS 2011

Click Next

UWHS Changing Workgroup Name in WHS 2011

Uncheck Active Directory Certificate Services and click Next

UWHS Changing Workgroup Name in WHS 2011

Click Remove

UWHS Changing Workgroup Name in WHS 2011UWHS Changing Workgroup Name in WHS 2011

Andrew Edney
Andrew Edney
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  1. Aside from simplifying browsing the computers on your “network neighborhood” that are part of the same workgroup (and possibly adding a layer of complexity to browsing to/from ones that aren’t part of the same workgroup), why should I care about renaming the workgroup? I can completely understand adding computers to a domain, but I’ve never gotten the whole workgroup notion as most folks/businesses that don’t have/need a domain don’t usually have so many computers that browsing “WORKGROUP” is big deal…

    That said, I believe there is merit (though I don’t honestly know what the merit is) to adding Win Vista/7/2008/WHSv2011 computers to the same “HOMEGROUP” (if only it made Windows Media Center on these computers capable of being an extender to a primary HTPC and it’s guide/recordings…).

    • I think Dave that simplifying is the point. However, if you have never changed the workgroup name on any of your computers either then you will all be in the same workgroup.

      It isnt something that has to be done, in fact, prior to John responding to the forum post with the steps, I hadnt bothered to change mine becuase I didnt need to, however people were asking how to do it.

      • To amplify on Andrew’s answer to Dave what it comes down to is “preference” in your own Home (Or Small Office) Network. In Dave’s case (and yours as well Andrew) changing the default name is not relevant or necessary since your Network Artitechure is based on the New Microsoft “HomeGroup” that started with Windows 7 or that having a predifined Name for your group of Network Nodes is not necessary in your final Network outcome.

        My Home Network is tethered on the the Legacy Workgroup convention of Identify all my Nodes in one Collective Group Name that I have been using for the last 5 years.

        Lucky for me I had just finished with the initial install when I came about this problem and had already formulated some of the steps that “DieHard” had put into his article.

        However after reading the comments from ANdrew and Geoff I will be going with Geoff’s recommendation and changing the Workgroup Name durring the install.

        Thanks DieHard on your How To and everybody’s Comments concerning this.

          • Hi Andrew, just thought I update you, Geoff’s Link was a total success. When I got to the “Name” Your Server part durring the install/Setup I just did the “Shift-F10” which brought up the cmd prompt, typed “control system” and hit enter. This brought up the “Computer properties” which allowed me to change the workgroup. exited out back to the install/setup and continued with the rest of the install. FYI, it will prompt to restart once you change the workgroup name but you just click “restart later”.

            Again Thanks for the Help.

  2. One thing I noticed when experimenting with DFS on WHS 2011, it uses the workgroup during setup to add servers. I had my old WHSv1 in a special workgroup, not the famous WORKGROUP workgroup, therefore it did not show up during the setup. I tried this method listed here to change it only because I intend to reinstall my ‘experimental’ WHS 11. It broke the dashboard of all things, however, the shares are still out there.

  3. I tried this on my HP EX-490 I upgraded with an unattended installation script and the dashboard failed to start. I also received errors connecting from my clients. Fortunately I had a second HD configured for local backup and did a system state recovery. It returned everything back to working order although with the WORKGROUP workgroup.

    Is there a way to change the workgroup name in the installation script, cgi.ini?

  4. This worked for me: PowerShell window
    2.use the following commands in the PowerShell window, where workgroupname is the new work group name:

    $sysinfo = Get-WmiObject Win32_ComputerSystem

  5. This did break my server.

    I’m currently tarting all over again. Just wonder if the powershell commands work? Would be useful to know for the future!

  6. This initially broke things for me. I created a new certificated instead of selecting the existing one. I think it may taint the certificate’s integrity and therefore machine’s will reject it (kind of like changing a fingerprint with SSH) if you change server details. I am able to login to launchpad and dashboard now.

  7. I had the same result as Andy, I then ran the steps again and created a new certificate instead of selecting the existing one and wala it worked.

  8. Issues with installing clients are corrected if AD services is enabled at the server. To get the workgroup name right .. we disabled AD services .. to get client support back just enable the previous procedure and turn on AD services. RDW

  9. You can just click on server settings, general, change product activation key which will bring up the windows to change the workgroup.

  10. I did try this and it works unfortunately now i cannot add users anymore in the dashboard and I have 4 services that fail to start.

    Which is the following :

    – Windows Server Identity Management Service
    – Windows Server Initialization Service
    – Windows Server Addins Infrastructure Service
    – Windows Server Server Backup Service

    They start for 3 seconds and stop. I haven’t been able to fix this πŸ™
    Anyone got an idea ?

  11. I don’t give a fuck what all you want to be experts have to say, this bullshit of joining a domain is bullshit with windows home server 2011!!! This shit here, “$sysinfo =
    Get-WmiObject Win32_ComputerSystem $sysinfo.JoinDomainOrWorkgroup(“workgroupname”)” is complete ignorance, all it does is change the fucking “workgroup” name, it doesn’t mean you joined a damn domain by putting in your registered domain name here!!! WHERE DO YOU MOTHERFUCKERS COME FROM, DAMN!!!

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