Following on from last weeks news about the release of Drive Bender Beta 3 and that Tranquil PC will be incorporating Drive Bender into its Leo hardware, they have a pre-release offer you might be interested in.


Here is what they said:

We also have some other exciting news we’d like to share… we have set down a “pre-release” offer for everyone involved in the beta program.

Announcing Drive Bender – Home Edition. Home Edition will be a single license that supports a single pool, containing any number of drives.

For our devoted and dedicated beta testers, we will be offering a “pre-release”, heavily discounted version of Drive Bender Home Edition for $20 USD. This pricing will be available to all current members, and those that register prior to the beta cut-off date (mid-June). The pre-release sale will start in June and finish two weeks after the final release.

No news yet on just how much it will be, but if $20 is”heavily discounted” then it might be quite an expensive add-in.

More news when we get it.

For more information check out the Drive Bender website