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Snoop-De-Dupe Developer Interview


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I recently caught up with Jim from electrongoo, the company that developed Snoop De Dupe, and have some information on that add-in.  Read on for details!


Here is how electrongoo describes Snoop-De-Dupe:

Keep your server’s storage space optimized! Snoop-de-dupe will automatically scan your server storage and display duplicate files in an easy-to-view layout directly within the server’s user Console. Once snoop-de-dupe locates duplicate files then you can respond to them as you choose. You can delete the duplicate files, ignore/keep the duplicate files, or replace the duplicate files with a hard-link (available in WHS/SBS 2011 only). You will be in command of your server storage space like never before!

Product features:

  • Supports Windows Home Server
  • Automatic, real-time continuous file de-duplication scanning
  • 160-bit SHA-1 de-duplication hash for optimum results
  • Windows Home Server Console integration
  • Pause and Resume operation at any time for maximum efficiency of your server
  • Select any folders of your choosing on your server for de-duplication scanning
  • Simple, easy-to-view heads-up status display to monitor progress
  • Easy to navigate list of duplications for: deleting, linking, or ignoring duplicate files
  • Quick-launch feature allows for viewing contents of duplicate files
  • 15 day free trial available

And now the interview.

Tell us about your firm.

We’ve actually been around for over a year. We have five add-ons currently shipping for the WHS/SBS community: TimeTravelerWHS, Integrity Checker (WHS + SBS), and Snoop-de-dupe (WHS + SBS). Our company name is electrongoo ( although we have not advertised the company behind the products; generally we let the product take focus on itself. Our average engineer has over 12 years of industry experience.

What is Snoop De Dupe for those who have never tried it before? Key features, capabilities, etc.

Snoop-de-dupe is an add-in for Windows Home Server (WHS/SBS 2011 support to be released soon). The add-in alerts you to duplicate files. You can simply log into the Console at any time and view the current list of duplicate files. You have the option to ignore, delete, or create a hard-link (WHS/SBS 2011 only). Snoop-de-dupe allows you to re-cycle used space on your hard drive by reclaiming space from duplicate photos, music, documents (or any file for that matter). Invariably, duplicate files can be a problem most people are not even aware of. In a home/family environment where multiple people are copying data to a server, you typically find a lot of duplicate files within the different user folders.

Who is the target audience for Snoop De Dupe?

The home user, small business, and IT consultant.

Why does a WHS user need to use it?

Duplicate files can waste valuable hard disk space. Knowing where duplicate files exist is the first step in re-claiming the wasted space. Also, consider backup/protection solutions. Unless your backup solution has a de-duping feature then every backup operation wastes more storage space and process time than it needs to. If you’re using an online-backup service then you’re probably paying for that extra space too.

What are the key draws that you think will excite potential users about this application?

Automatic real-time monitoring of file duplicates (I recommend installing and configuring the add-in then open the Console to the snoop-de-dupe add-in tab and create some duplicate files on the server. Maybe I’m just a nerd … but it’s pretty cool when the duplicate list displays the updates immediately in real-time).

Ease of install and use.

Just saying the name, “snoop-de-dupe” … rolls off the tongue! Open-mouthed smile

What was the inspiration for Snoop De Dupe? Can you tell me why you set out to deliver the application?

The hard drive on my home server was getting close to capacity. When I was cleaning up my home server storage and noticed a huge amount of space (GB’s!) wasted due to duplicate music and photos. I thought, “Hey, there must be a better way to stay on time of this!” This add-in works great for my needs. I simply log into the Console at my discretion and view the duplicate files which have been copied to my server since the last time I viewed them. Easy!

How is your application differentiated from the competition?

Snoop-de-dupe locates duplicate files in real-time; there is one other add-in which will search for duplicate files but you must log-in, configure a job, and let it run

WHS/SBS 2011 will allow you to replace a duplicate file with a hard-link thus keeping the file available in its current location but freeing the wasted hard drive space

Better price

We’ve got a much cooler product name Open-mouthed smile

What are your plans for future development? Are there any features that you plan to add in future releases?

We’re finalizing support for WHS/SBS 2011 now (should be available very soon).

Scheduling (some users would rather not watch duplicate files in real-time). Although the current version of the product allows you to pause/resume scanning at any time; this is a manual process that we’d like to automate with a scheduling feature.

Integration with the health meter. Real-time updates to notify of duplicate files.

Jim McCarthy
Jim McCarthy
My tech interests include WHS, media streaming, and gaming, among others!


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